Give your watch a second life with a new watch strap

Very recognizable: your favorite watch still works fine, but the strap is starting to get worn. The rubber is crumbling, the clasp is scratched and bent, the strap pins are coming loose. Yet this is no reason to store your watch in a drawer, because with a new strap it looks great again and the watch will last for years!

Watch straps from well-known brands

On our site we sell watch straps of almost all well-known watch brands from our range. Even from models that are no longer produced! To make it easier to find the right strap, we have developed a unique search function with which you can easily find the matching strap for your watch.

Step 1: Look on the back of your watch and find the model number/product code.
The location of this type number is shown in the photo in the search function.

Step 2: Enter the number in the search box.
The software will now search for your watch in our database.

Step 3: order the same strap as the one on the watch, or choose one of the alternatives offered.

If you can no longer find the type number of the watch, you can also use our handy watch strap finder.

watch with a non-straight strap attachment
▴ Example of a watch with a non-straight strap attachment

watch with a straight strap attachment
▴ Example of a watch with a straight strap attachment

Example of watch strap width
▴ Measure the width between the cabinet legs

Universal watch straps

Are you looking for a watch strap made of a special type of leather or a fresh new colour? Then consider a universal watch strap. Morellato is the largest producer of watch straps in the world. The Italian company only uses the best leathers and makes watch straps in all styles.

You can search for universal watch straps by width. Measure the width of the old strap in advance at the strap attachment between the cabinet legs.

Note: Universal watch straps only fit on watches with a straight strap attachment. If your watch has a special strap attachment, it is best to choose a strap from the brand itself.

Handy belt changing tool

Although more and more brands are now making watches and straps with an ‘Easy click’ system, the majority of watch straps are still attached to the watch case with a push pin. It is not very difficult to loosen the band if you use a suitable tool. For a small price you can also add this tool when ordering your tire. We show you how to do this in a handy instructional video about replacing your watch strap.

So, do you have a watch lying around that can last for years with a new strap? Then take a look at our watch straps page.


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