Google Maps: 5 ways to save money with the app

Google Maps: 5 ways to save money with the app

Driving has become incredibly expensive at the moment due to high fuel prices, but Google Maps can help you find the cheapest gas stations. These are five tips that can save you a lot of money thanks to Maps.

1. Just use Maps every time

Coincidentally, I experienced it myself last weekend: a half-hour trip to a shopping center turned into a trip that took twice as much time. I knew the way to the mall myself, but Google Maps is much more than a navigation app. If I had used Maps, I could have arrived at my destination much faster with an alternative road.

This would not only have resulted in less time and stress, but also lower fuel consumption. By standing still in the wrong place, your engine continues to run unnecessarily and the air conditioning and heating also continue to work longer. So make it a habit, even for short trips, to use Maps.

2. Find cheap gas stations

This feature is still relatively new in Maps and it is therefore good to underline it again. When you’re in the search bar ‘gas station‘ or ‘petrol station‘, you will see all the petrol stations near you on the map. At many of those branch stations you will immediately find their price on the map and you can save a lot of money on a full tank.

Google Maps: 5 ways to save money with the app
Fuel prices are immediately visible on map in Maps

3. Offline Maps

Whether you have a limited data bundle or are driving on holiday in a country where roaming charges still apply, offline maps can save you money. Google does not have to load the entire map on your phone every time. Before you leave, you can simply download a map of the place where you are going to drive at home with your WiFi connection and Google also automatically ensures that those offline maps remain up-to-date. Here’s how to add an offline map:

  1. In Maps, press the profile icon from your Google account
  2. Choose Offline Maps
  3. Tap on Select your own card
  4. Select the map section in Maps you want to save and choose To download

4. Choose the cheapest means of transport

When you move around the city, there are so many different transportation options. You can take the bus or tram, a taxi or an electric scooter or scooter, depending on where you are. In many cities in Europe, Maps allows you to compare prices for all these transport options based on the route you are going to take. This way you can always choose the cheapest option.

5. Find Affordable Restaurants

As said before: Maps is so much more than just a navigation app. She will also help you find a cheap but nice place to have lunch or dinner. When you search for places to eat in Maps, the app shows the price range with the number of euro signs. You can also filter in the app so that you only get a list of affordable eateries. That’s how it works:

  1. Under the Maps search bar, tap Restaurants
  2. At the top you choose the menu Price
  3. Tap the button with one euro sign and choose Finished
  4. Find a cheap restaurant with good user reviews
Google Maps: 5 ways to save money with the app
The menu that lets you filter the price in Maps

Do you have more tips for saving thanks to Google Maps? You may have already used one of the features we discussed in this article. Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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