Google Maps gets handy new feature for iPhone (and CarPlay)

Are you often on the road with the car? Then we have good news, because Google Maps is getting a handy function on the iPhone and on CarPlay. This is what is changing!

New feature for Google Maps

A new update is coming to Google Maps on the iPhone! In the new version of the app, you as a user can finally see how fast you are driving. The speedometer was previously only available for Android users, but is now also coming to the iPhone. Google Maps not only shows your speed on your iPhone, the new speedometer is also displayed in CarPlay.

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The new feature lets you see more accurately whether you are exceeding the speed limit on a road. Are you driving too fast? The speedometer symbol will change color to indicate that you need to slow down. Google is trying to make it easier for road users to keep to the speed limit and to avoid traffic fines. The new speedometer is always visible in Google Maps and CarPlay, provided you enable the function.

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How to turn on the speedometer

Google has announced that the new version of Google Maps is being released worldwide. So it probably won’t be long before you can update the app. Have you updated Google Maps on your iPhone yet? Then you probably have to turn on the speedometer first, before Google Maps shows it in CarPlay or on your iPhone. Here’s how to turn the feature on:

  1. Open Google Maps;

  2. Tap your profile at the top right;

  3. Select ‘Settings’;

  4. Select ‘Navigation’;

  5. Turn on the switch behind ‘Speedometer’.

Please note that Google has already indicated that the speedometer is only intended for informational use. According to the company, the speed that the car itself indicates remains leading. If the speed that Google Maps shows on your iPhone or in CarPlay does not match, you must therefore rely on the data on the dashboard.

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Big advantage for Google Maps

Google Maps introduces the speedometer for iPhone and CarPlay at a good time. Competitor Flitsmeister recently put several functions behind a paywall, including the use of CarPlay. In order to show Flitsmeister on CarPlay, you are now required to take out a subscription to the app. As a result, you also have to pay to see the speedometer of Flitsmeister on the screen of your car.

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With Google Maps, CarPlay is free to use, which makes the speedometer a handy addition to the app. Other navigation apps such as Apple Maps do not yet have this function. With the speedometer in Google Maps, CarPlay is getting a handy new function. And that’s just the beginning, because with iOS 18, CarPlay is also being expanded with new features. Read here which changes Apple is making to CarPlay!

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