Google Maps has new features with AI support – here they are

There will be a new update for Google Maps, containing new features that work with AI. This is what will change in the app!

New update for Google Maps

Google Maps will soon have new features that work with artificial intelligence. Google has announced that the update will soon be rolled out to all users. The new version of Google Maps should make it much easier to get inspiration for your trip and share your own experiences. Google therefore uses AI to improve Maps.

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According to Google, the new functions give you a more realistic picture of a particular location. Reviews written by visitors become more important, especially if the visitors are familiar with a city or specific location. After the update, you will see various lists, which should make it easier to find a good restaurant nearby, for example. We explain to you how that works.

Google Maps

Google Maps gets more lists

When you are on holiday it is sometimes difficult to choose where to eat in the evening, for example. Google Maps is now trying to make that a little easier, because in the new version of the app three different lists are shown. That are the trending listthe top list and the gems list. The first list shows places that have recently become more popular, among the top list you see places that consistently score well in Google.

Are you looking for less touristy places? Then you have to gems list view, because it shows locations that score well but are not yet very popular. The photos and reviews you see are selected on Google Maps with AI. This way you can see a summary of what visitors like about a particular location in one overview. Think of a famous dish from a restaurant or a popular attraction in an amusement park.

google maps update March 28

Lists rolled out in 40 cities

With the help of AI, Google Maps will soon even be able to tell you which dish is in the photo, which is useful when you are on holiday in a foreign country. The new functions in Google Maps are mainly intended to make it easier to discover locations in cities. Nothing changes for the routes in Maps, although the design of the app has been subtly adjusted. The home screen has fewer tabs and the colors are slightly brighter.

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Unfortunately, the new AI functions for Google Maps are not yet available everywhere. Google first brought the update to a total of forty cities in the United States and Canada. According to Google, the update will be released later this month for both iOS and Android, so we won’t have to wait much longer for the features. It is not yet known when the features will also come to the Netherlands and Belgium, but that will probably not take long.

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