Google Netherlands shares mysterious teaser for October 6

Google Netherlands shares mysterious teaser for October 6

Google is holding its big launch event on October 6 where it will announce new phones, a tablet, a smartwatch, a Nest router and more products. The Dutch branch of Google comes with a striking teaser: “Something special is coming on October 6”.

Google Netherlands teaser

Google has already revealed more about its upcoming Made by Google event, which is scheduled for October 6, and of course a lot of information has already been leaked. Not least by the company itself. Still, the latest teaser is different, because it comes from the Twitter account from the Dutch branch of Google. We explain.

Google is planning something in our country on October 6, which should be clear with the caption: “Something special is coming on October 6.” But what is really special is that the Dutch Twitter account wants to warm us up to the upcoming event. For example, if you look at tweets from last year, Google Netherlands kept tight-lipped about the arrival of the Pixel 6 series, as if the phones don’t exist at all. The Pixel 6 is not officially for sale with us.

No Pixel 7

Yet we do not think that this sudden attention for Made by Google necessarily indicates an official arrival of the Pixel 7 to the Netherlands. Google has many more products to announce this year. There’s the Pixel Watch, the company’s first-ever smartwatch, but there’s also a new Nest Pro router, not to mention the cheaper Chromecast with Google TV.

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We think that Google Nederland primarily wants to refer to the upcoming Pixel tablet with this teaser. We see a frame in the image. The Pixel tablet comes with a docking station that allows it to work as a smart display in your home, and may also display a painting when not in use. It has been possible for a long time to play a slideshow of photos on the Nest Hub smart displays.

The tablet steals the show

Of course the possible reference to the Pixel tablet is only speculative, but Google has already released tablets on our market before. If the Pixel 7 does not come to the Netherlands again – and the same fate may await the Pixel Watch – then it will be the tablet that will attract the most attention in the Netherlands on October 6.

But what about the butterflies in the picture? We think those are irrelevant. There is no immediate code name for an upcoming Google product that refers to butterflies. If you have a different idea about it, we’d love to hear it in the comments.

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Google Netherlands shares mysterious teaser for October 6: this is what it means
Google’s own teaser of the upcoming tablet

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