Google TV will soon be able to cast multiple streaming services with one app

Google TV will soon be able to cast multiple streaming services with one app

Google TV is working on a feature where you can cast multiple streaming services from one app. The aim is to make it easier for users to screen their favorite content.

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The Google TV app on Android offers support for a kind of general streaming app in which you can then stream content from various streaming services. Google shows in a demo how the option ensures that a cast option is placed on all kinds of individual content. This even applies to content that is only available on one streaming service, such as Amazon Prime Video Originals and HBO Max Originals, but also series such as The Mandalorian and Moon Knight that can only be found on Disney+.

Whether this applies to all streaming services is still unknown. An example is given with peacock, a streaming service of the American TV channel NBC that we do not receive in the Netherlands. If you want to watch the new Bel-Air series on Peacock, you can search for the series via the Google TV app. You will then see a button appear so that you can cast an episode directly on your television. It also starts immediately, without having to open the separate Peacock app. That also means you can pause and resume an episode or movie within the Google TV app.

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Google is increasingly trying to bring things together. For example, it would also work on an option for Android phones to recognize the different trackers (such as Tile and Apple AirTag), instead of having to use all kinds of different apps for that. Google would like your experience with Google TV to be as streamlined as possible. It’s just a shame that it can’t yet specify which apps this new gadget applies to. Netflix would in any case not participate in it.

Google TV will soon be able to cast multiple streaming services with one app

Google plans to release the new cast support later in 2022, when it will also announce which apps it will work with.

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