Google wants to give Pixel or Android snore detection and cough detection

Google wants to give Pixel or Android snore detection and cough detection

Did you gather a large forest at night or does air conditioning make your mouth so dry that you cough in your sleep? You probably have no idea because you’re doing it while you’re out. Google wants to make you aware by bringing out snore detection and cough detection on Pixel or Android (or maybe both).

Google Health Studies

9to5Google came across this kind of capability in a study of the Google Health Studies .apk. The Google Health Initiative is a Google project to collect health data and help people. For example, Fit for Android already has the option to check your heart rate and your breathing by using the camera.

Snore and cough detection will soon be added, if it’s up to Google. Google Health Studies 2.0 update found ‘Sleep Audio Collection’: collecting audio during sleep. However, it is only available to Google employees. For example, it says: “You must be a Full-time Googler with an Android phone to participate in this study. The environmental conditions for this study are that there is no more than one adult sleeper in the same room and that they do not work for a competing company.”


Google would like to provide Android users with meaningful insights into their sleep and to do that, it wants to collect audio to validate, develop and refine its algorithms through this data. We will probably get to know it soon on Android or Pixel devices as a ‘bedside monitor’. The expectation is that this function will soon exist within Google Fit, although it can also come to the Google Clock. It will already have a ‘Bedtime’ hub in 2020, in which you can set a fixed bedtime to sleep better. Also, some Fitbit wearables have had snore detection for some time.

However, it could also be very different, namely that the new Google function is made for the Nest Tablet, when it is docked on your bedside table. But since the test is on smartphones, we expect it to be a new possibility for Android phones (although it remains to be seen whether that is just Pixels or other Android devices as well). In short, we will not sleep for the foreseeable future, so that we can keep an eye on what exactly is intended.

Do you also want to use snore detection to better measure your sleep, or is that a bit too much information? Leave your comment now.

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