Government will warn motorists of approaching ambulances

Government will warn motorists of approaching ambulances

The Netherlands is the first European country to develop a warning system together with car manufacturers and navigation services. This warning system is intended to warn motorists if an emergency vehicle is approaching a vehicle with a flashing light and siren. This technology will be mandatory throughout the European Union from 2025.

Who are working on it?

The initiative of the car manufacturers and navigation services will be called Safety Priority Services (SPS) and the parties below are participating in it. They will exchange the collected data with National Road Traffic Data Portal (NDW).

  • ANWB
  • Be-Mobile
  • Hyundai
  • Inrix
  • kia
  • TomTom

If you use one of these apps or if you have one of these cars, you will soon be able to receive a warning via the navigation system or via the smartphone. Minister Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management hopes that more companies will join the initiative.

Flitsmeister has been warning car drivers about ambulances for years and the company will probably also participate in SPS. Flitsmeister is part of Be-Mobile.

What does the system warn for?

The navigation system in your car or the app on your smartphone warns you of approaching ambulances. The message states which vehicle is approaching and from which side. Police cars and fire trucks will be added later this year.

The warning system will be expanded in due course to include notifications about the following dangerous situations on the road:

  • ghost riders
  • tail of a traffic jam
  • Obstacles on the road
  • Road work
  • Road inspectors from Rijkswaterstaat standing along the road
  • Closed lanes (red cross)
  • Slippery road
  • Weather conditions that can endanger road safety
  • Information about the maximum speed

In the future, the system may also provide route recommendations to avoid dangerous traffic situations. For example, consider the school zones. Motorists would be advised to take a different route at times when there are many children on the street in such a zone.

According to Minister Harbers of Infrastructure and Water Management, 98 percent of motorists now use digital information on the road AD: “Pilot projects show that warnings on the road have a positive effect on road safety. I would like to respond to these developments, also because drivers of, for example, cars and trucks indicate that they appreciate these warnings and rely on them more and more.”

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