Hardware leaked in iOS 16.4 – what secret product is Apple working on?

Leaked hardware in iOS 16.4 points to a completely new Apple product. Is Apple working on a new Mac Pro, or is it about the Apple Reality?

New hardware in iOS 16.4 leaked

iOS 16.3.1 has only just been released, but Apple has already launched the beta for iOS 16.4. This version is intended for developers so that they can start using the new features in the system update right away. Curious about what you can expect in iOS 16.4? Rather, we list all the new functions for you.

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In addition to these new features, there is something else that is very striking: hardware has been found in iOS 16.4 that points to a completely new Apple device. What secret project is Apple working on?

iOS 16.4 hardware

New code points to new Mac Pro or Apple Reality

In iOS 16.4, a new device class called “ComputeModule” has been added. This immediately makes a number of things clear. The most important thing that this shows is that Apple is indeed working on a completely new product. Furthermore, this device runs on iOS or a variant thereof, and it is at an advanced stage in terms of development.

There are two obvious options when looking at this hardware: Apple is working on a new Mac Pro or Apple Reality. Which is more likely?

Mac Pro code in iOS 16.4 hardware

Apple is working on a new Mac Pro

It is quite possible that Apple is working on a successor to the Mac Pro. In 2019, Apple released one of the biggest updates to the Mac Pro. The design was virtually unchanged, but inside the Mac Pro was one of the fastest computers at the time. It is expected that Apple will present the new computer this year, for which the hardware in iOS 16.4 can be a first indication.

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The new Mac Pro will (finally) run on Apple Silicon, Apple’s own chip. The Mac Pro will also probably receive a new M2 Ultra chip, a chip with a 24-core CPU and a 76-core GPU with at least 192 GB of RAM. It is expected that the new Mac Pro can also be expanded with more storage space, working memory and other aspects.

New hardware in iOS 16.4 may also hint at Apple Reality

The other option: the new hardware in iOS 16.4 hints at the long-awaited Apple Reality. The rumors have been going on for years now, but it looks like Apple’s first VR glasses will actually appear in early 2023. The source code and log files from the App Store already showed that Apple is working on xrOS, the operating system of Apple Reality. The code in iOS 16.4 can reference this again.

The glasses are mainly made for streaming video content and communication, such as video calling. The device is expected to be relatively light and has two 4K screens with micro-LED. The VR glasses also have 15 cameras and an advanced processor, which is about as powerful as the Mac’s M1 processor. At $3,000, it’s not a goggle for the general public.

apple reality in early 2023 in hardware iOS 16.4

New devices will appear before the end of 2023

Apple is therefore working on a new device anyway, which will appear before the end of 2023. Incidentally, not one but two new codes have been found in the hardware of iOS 16.4, under the name ‘ComputeModule13.1’ and ‘ComputeModule13.3’. It is therefore also possible that Apple is working on both devices at the moment.

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