HBO Max is being renewed: this is how your subscription will change

Do you have a subscription to HBO Max? Then read along, because the streaming service will change soon. We will tell you what that means for your subscription.

HBO Max is being renewed

HBO Max will soon change, because in the United States the streaming service will be merged with Discovery Plus. This has various consequences, for example, according to HBO Max, the offering will be significantly expanded. With the new HBO Max you will of course continue to have access to titles from the service itself and films from Warner Bros. Many more series and competitions will be added soon.

HBO Max will soon also offer live sports matches. This also includes the competitions at the Olympic Games in Paris this summer. The merger with Discovery Plus also brings real-life shows to HBO Max. Think of 90 Day Fiancé, Eating With My Ex: Going Dutch and other popular titles. A significant addition to the offering, but that is not possible without changes for your HBO Max subscription.

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New subscriptions to HBO Max

The merger with Discovery Plus is accompanied by new subscriptions to HBO Max. Currently you only have one choice, but soon there will be three. HBO Max is launching a Basicsubscription, where you see advertisements and cannot download series or films. With the standard subscription you can watch HBO Max commercial-free and download up to thirty films or series.

You also have the Premium subscription, which allows you to watch HBO Max in 4K Ultra HD on four devices simultaneously and download up to a hundred titles. Do you watch a lot of sports? Then you can also choose the Sports add-on. This allows you to stream Eurosport 1 and 2, watch cycling live and get Roland Garros and the Tour de France 2024. You will pay an extra amount for this on top of your HBO Max subscription.

Prices are going to change

New subscriptions most likely also mean that HBO Max will charge different prices. You currently pay 7.99 euros per month, with the ‘lifelong’ discount it is 3.99 euros monthly. It is not yet known how expensive the new subscriptions will be, but it is quite possible that the Premium subscription in particular will have a higher price.

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HBO Max has not yet revealed when the new subscriptions will be implemented in the Netherlands and Belgium. This will most likely happen in June 2024, a precise date has not been announced. By then, existing subscribers must indicate which subscription they wish to continue with. There is a good chance that you will take the lifetime discount with you, as was previously the case with Skyshowtime. More information about the final prices will be announced soon.

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Other streaming services

Are you not looking forward to a subscription with advertising from HBO Max? Or do you think it’s time for another streaming service? Then view the range of other titles here, which often have much more to offer:

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