Here’s why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 14 Pro right now

Does your iPhone need to be replaced? Then you’re crazy if you buy the iPhone 14 Pro now. We will tell you why this is the time to go for the iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro

Are you looking for a new iPhone? Then it is definitely worth looking at the iPhone 15 Pro now. The iPhone 15 Pro brought significant improvements compared to the iPhone 14 Pro. We show you where you can get the best deal and why it is better to buy the iPhone 15 Pro instead of the iPhone 14 Pro!

The iPhone 15 Pro: save up to 263 euros


When purchasing your new iPhone, you can choose from four different colors, namely: dark blue, titanium, white and black. Are you a heavy user of internal storage? Then you also have plenty of options! The iPhone 15 Pro comes with a storage capacity of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and finally 1 TB.

You currently pay only 816 euros for the iPhone 15 Pro, when you combine it with an Odido subscription at Belsimpel. That’s a saving of no less than 263 euros on the recommended retail price. You still pay for the iPhone 14 Pro in combination with an Odido subscription 1038 euros! (To calculate the individual device price, we assumed the iPhone 15 Pro, with a storage capacity of 128 GB in black).

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About the device

New functions

This device is currently one of Apple’s most powerful iPhones. The smartphone comes with a 6.1-inch display and has slightly thinner screen bezels compared to previous models. New on this smartphone is the action button. This button is located where the mute button used to be. You can choose what function you attach to the action button. For example, you can set this for the flashlight, activating the camera app or opening the dictaphone.

A feature we are saying goodbye to on this device is the Lightning connection. All devices in the iPhone 15 series are now charged with a USB-C cable. An advantage is that you only need one cable to charge your iPhone, iPad or MacBook. This is not the case with the iPhone 14 Pro, because it still has a Lightning port for charging.

iphone 15 pro

The camera

We see other improvements with the camera of the device. For example, night mode now performs better, capturing more light and details in low-light photos. In addition to capturing photos in 48 MP in ProRAW mode, there is now also the option to switch to the standard HEIF format. This means the photos retain the same quality as normal iPhone photos, but take up much less space than ProRAW photos. Thanks to the high number of megapixels, it is possible to zoom in on the photos afterwards.

New A17 Pro chip

On the inside of the device we find the A17 Pro chip. This chip is made with the 3nm process. This is the first time that Apple has chosen this technology. Although the new chip has become a lot faster, the battery life has remained the same with the A16 Bionic chip. However, the phone is a lot faster, allowing you to perform multiple tasks effortlessly.

Would you rather buy the iPhone 14 Pro?

Do these differences not matter much to you or has the offer expired and would you rather go for the iPhone 14 Pro? Of course that is also possible! Below you will find the best offers for the iPhone 14 Pro.

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