Hey Siri not working? 4 causes and solutions in a row

“Hey Siri!” is a convenient way to remotely control your iPhone. It may happen that this function does not work or does not work properly. In this article we list the causes and solutions.

Hey Siri not working? Causes at a glance

Since ‘Hey Siri’ not working can have various causes, we have discussed them one by one below. We recommend that you go through them piece by piece, so that at the end you hopefully have an iPhone with Hey Siri working again.

Check if Hey Siri works wirelessly on your iPhone

Hey Siri can be used when your iPhone is connected to a power outlet, but can also be used wirelessly on newer devices. From the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus you can call Siri wirelessly, as well as the iPad Pro. Are you using an older device such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 5S or iPhone 5? Then the device must hang on the charger.

Is the Power Saving Mode on?

If you have Power Saving mode on (recognizable by the yellow colored battery), Hey Siri will not work. To save your battery, your iPhone switches off various functions in this mode, including activating Siri remotely. Turn off Power Saving Mode in Settings and check if Siri is working again.

Restart your iPhone

It can happen that your iPhone runs into problems without you being aware of it. So it can help to restart your device by pressing and holding the lock button for a few seconds.

Reset Hey Siri

After all the above solutions, the function still not working? Then it is smart to set up Siri from scratch. After all, to use Hey Siri, your iPhone must know your voice. Via ‘Settings> Siri> Hey Siri’ you can reset the assistant by turning the green switch behind Hey Siri off and on. Maybe you didn’t speak clearly enough the first time, so your iPhone struggled to recognize you. So speak loud and clear so that the voice assistant learns the characteristics of your voice.

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