Hide app(s) on your iPhone: this is the fastest way to do it

Want to hide an app without completely kicking it off your iPhone? Which can! We show you how.

Hide app on your iPhone

When you sometimes hand over your iPhone, you don’t always want someone to touch your important apps (accidentally or not). Sometimes it’s also not nice if someone can browse your personal photos or rummage through your e-mail.

You can of course (temporarily) remove the app. But that’s not always convenient, especially when it’s a large app. Fortunately, there is also another way to get out of the surf.

hide app pages

An easy solution is to temporarily hide the app on your iPhone. The app will then no longer be visible on the app pages. The easiest is to place the app you want to hide on a separate app page and then hide this page. This solution also works well when you want to hide multiple apps at once. You can then first drag them all onto the page.

  • Hold your finger briefly on the app you want to hide and choose ‘Change home screen’;
  • Drag the icon to a new, empty app page. Repeat for any other app you want to hide;
  • While the app is still shaking, tap the search button (the button with the three dots);
  • You will then see all pages with apps;
  • Uncheck the page that contains the app you want to hide;
  • Then tap Done.

To get the page back later, touch and hold an empty spot on the screen. Tap the three dots and turn the hidden app page back on.

app hide search results iphone

Remove app from search

The only drawback is that the hidden app will always be visible in the app library. This is the last page when browsing all app pages. Unfortunately you can’t change that.

What you can do to hide the app even better on your iPhone is to remove the app from your iPhone’s search results. You can no longer find the app by using the search function.

  • Open the ‘Settings’ on your iPhone;
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Siri and search’;
  • Scroll down and tap the name of the app;
  • Turn off all functions here.

Hide apps from view: customize icon and name

Another way to hide an app is to change the name and icon of the app. Changing the icon of apps is so easy in iOS. We’ve already shown you exactly how that works in the article below. Here we modified the new icon from X and then changed back to the old Twitter icon. You use Apple’s Assignments app for this. You create a shortcut to the app with it, but with a different icon.

Read more: Get rid of X – this is how you bring Twitter back to your iPhone

The best part is that you can replace all the icons on your iPhone this way. You don’t have to choose a normal icon as an image, because you can also set photos from your album. You just have to remove the old app from your home screen (so that it is only in the app library) and put the new shortcut in its place.

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