HomePod 2023 taken apart – find the differences with the predecessor

Apple has released the HomePod 2023. Curious about the differences between HomePod 2023 and the first generation? A YouTuber took the HomePod completely apart, and discovered striking changes.

New generation of HomePod launched

Last month, Apple surprised by releasing a second HomePod. The second generation is very similar in design to its predecessor, but the HomePod 2023 is a fraction smaller and has a larger screen at the top. In addition, that screen is slightly lower. The new HomePod is also available in two colors, one of which is new. Midnight resembles the previous black HomePod, but has a hint of blue. The white version appears to be identical to the predecessor.

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The HomePod 2023 has been on sale for € 349 since February 3, making the speaker the same price as the first-generation HomePod. The design and the price are therefore almost the same, but what about the hardware on the inside of the speaker?

HomePod 2 inside

HomePod 2023 differ from the predecessor

YouTuber Brandon Geekabit has now posted a video on his channel in which he opens the HomePod 2 and looks at the inside. The YouTuber starts with the two small differences on the outside, namely the touchscreen and the cable. With the first generation HomePod it was not yet possible to disconnect the cable from the speaker, but with the HomePod 2 it was. This makes it much easier to neatly hide the cable, for example if you want to place the smart speaker on a TV cabinet.

Inside, the differences are greater. The HomePod 2 has simplified hardware, for example, the new speaker has five tweeters, compared to seven tweeters with the first HomePod. Also, the new HomePod only has four microphones, while the previous HomePod had six microphones. Nevertheless, the sound that the HomePod 1 and HomePod 2 produce hardly differs.

The biggest difference between the two speakers is the chip on which they run. The HomePod 2023 has the S7 chip, which we know from the Apple Watch Series 7. The first HomePod ran on the A8 chip, which we first saw in the iPhone 6. The new HomePod is therefore logically much more modern on the inside . Curious what the HomePod looks like on the inside? Then check out the video:

The new HomePod is also – just like the first generation – not easy to open. Although the HomePod 2 is slightly easier to open, this does not mean that the parts are easy to replace yourself. Unfortunately, a visit to a professional remains necessary for repairs.

Home Pod 2

Want to buy HomePod 2023? Check the best prices

The first reviews are out and the international reviewers are more than satisfied with the new generation of HomePod. Are you planning to buy Apple’s new speaker? Then check the best prices of the HomePod 2 in our price comparison, so you’re sure you’re getting the best deal!

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