How do I keep my metal watch strap beautiful?

Steel and titanium are popular materials for watch straps. They are strong and very durable. However, with daily use, these tires will also get dirty or scratched. Fortunately, you can do something about that, because if you clean the tire every now and then, it will stay beautiful and last longer. With these tips you will certainly succeed.

Steel and titanium watch straps

Dirt such as dust, grease and dander easily accumulates between the links of a metal watch strap. To get the belt hygienically clean again, it can be carefully washed with lukewarm water.

Remove the strap from the case whenever possible, especially if the watch is less than 5 ATM water resistant. If not, work carefully. If necessary, wrap cling film around the watch case to prevent water from entering.

When the belt is very dirty, you can use a soft toothbrush with some soap and water to brush the dirt away. Then rinse well with water and dry with a soft cloth. Do not scrub too hard, as this can cause minor scratches, especially on color-coated tires. There are also special cleaning kits for steel straps with a mild detergent.

Top Tip: If you get a rash from your metal bracelet, you may be allergic to steel or other metals. You can then consider purchasing a titanium strap or watch. Titanium is naturally anti-allergenic.

Photo cleaning metal watchband
▴ Use a soft toothbrush to clean the belt

Photo of watch wrapped in cling film
▴ Carefully wrap the watch case in cling film

You can also use a simple polishing cloth to polish a shiny metal watch strap yourself.

Top Tip: Is your watch strap very dirty and scratched? Then bring your watch to our watchmaker for some TLC. He cleans the tire ultrasonically down to the smallest corners and polishes and ‘makes up’ the tire so that it looks like new again.

Photo Polish watch strap
▴ Polish watch strap

Photo Watch strap in ultrasonic
▴ Watch band in ultrasonic

Doublé and gold watch straps

Doublé watch straps are steel straps with a thin layer of precious metal such as gold. This type of band must be cleaned very carefully so as not to damage the precious metal layer. Bands made of solid gold – a soft metal – are also susceptible to scratches and discoloration.

If possible, detach the strap from the case, especially if the watch is less than 5 ATM water resistant. If not, work carefully. If necessary, wrap cling film around the watch case to prevent water from entering.

Do not use soap or other cleaning agents to clean gold-plated or precious metal bands, but use a moistened cotton ball and/or cotton swab. The best works is 6 parts water with 1 part ammonia. If, like me, you don’t like ammonia, only water is also good. Dry the belt with a soft cloth. Preferably a cloth especially for jewelry.

Top Tip: Use a cleaning cream especially for jewelry.

Photo Cleaning gold watchband
▴ Clean gold watch band

Photo cleaner for jewelry
▴ Special cleaner for jewelry

Plastic and silicone parts

Some metal bands have plastic or silicone parts or coating. You can easily clean these tires with water. Dry the band well, because if the band remains damp for a long period of time or is exposed to sunlight, the quality of the band may deteriorate more quickly and cracks may appear in the plastic or silicone.

Transparent or white plastic and silicone are also sensitive to discolouration. There is unfortunately little that can be done about this, but fortunately it does not happen often.

Top Tip: Always rinse your watch strap well after a day at the beach. This means that wear and discoloration due to salt and suntan lotion do not stand a chance.

Photo Special polishing cloth for watches
▴ Special polishing cloth for watches

Photo rinse watch
▴ A waterproof watch can be rinsed under the tap

Still in need of a new watch strap?

Despite all good care, a metal watch strap can look a little less beautiful over time. Or you want to customize the look of your watch with a leather strap. At Techzle we have a huge range of brand watch straps. With our unique strap finder you can find the original metal strap or a replacement leather strap for your watch in just a few clicks.

You can read more information about the maintenance of leather watch straps here.


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