How Instagram is currently annoying its users beyond measure

How Instagram is currently annoying its users beyond measure

Instagram has received a number of updates that are causing a lot of frustration among users of the social network. This is what’s going on.

1. Square photos give way to full-screen photos

Instagram once started with displaying square photos and gradually the app has grown into a very extensive social platform. There is also a chat function and the platform has taken over many functions from other apps such as TikTok and Snapchat. Last week, the first complaints surfaced among a number of Instagram users as a result of an update. That update put an end to the square photos. Instagram wants to shift attention to full-screen photos and videos.

A few years ago, Instagram already ‘borrowed’ the Stories from Snapchat, and then introduced the well-known TikTok videos as Instragram Reels. This new interface also looks suspiciously like its popular competitor, TikTok. Scrolling to the next post in the timeline seems to make the full-screen photos and videos disappear. At least for a while.

2. Volume is at maximum volume

The next complaint that comes up is the noise. It’s now at maximum volume, even if the user hasn’t turned it on. Before the update, the app took over the volume from the phone.

3. Messages from friends barely visible anymore

The timeline of Instagram has also undergone a major overhaul and we notice that in the editors. Messages from friends are now much more interspersed with sponsored messages and suggested messages. Fortunately, you can temporarily hide the latter.

It’s raining complaints everywhere

Not just on other social networks like TwitterInstagram can also count on many 1-star reviews from users in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. People also indicate here that they will stop using Instagram or switch to TikTok because of this update.

Fortunately, the update for Instagram has not yet been implemented for everyone. It is possible that the parent company Meta will roll back the changes, but that is not certain. We just hope Instagram takes the feedback to heart. Don’t want to wait for this? You can also delete your Instagram account right away.

Do you also have complaints about the new update of Instagram? We are curious. Let us know in the comments.

How Instagram is currently annoying its users beyond measure
How Instagram is currently annoying its users beyond measure

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