How to delete or create an iPhone calendar subscription

With subscribed calendars you can quickly put a schedule of your work, sports club or study in the iOS Calendar app. But if you no longer need such a calendar, how can you delete an iPhone calendar? We explain how to remove these subscriptions from your calendar.

How to delete an iPhone calendar

Subscribed calendars are calendars that you cannot edit yourself, but are automatically kept up-to-date when the original owner updates them. Removing these works slightly differently than when you change your own calendars. Below we explain how it works step by step.

This is how you delete an iPhone calendar subscription

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Accounts and passwords’;
  2. Here at Accounts select the option ‘Calendars with subscription’. Here you can view and select all subscribed calendars. Choose the calendar you want to delete;
  3. Press ‘Delete account’ at the bottom.

Create a calendar subscription

If you want to create a calendar that others can subscribe to, you have to start with the Calendar app. When you create a calendar, make it public for others to subscribe to. Subscribers will then receive a read-only version in their calendar. As an administrator, you are the only one who can edit the agenda or add new appointments. Handy if, for example, you want to follow a schedule of a major sports tournament, share the match calendar of your sports team or plan meetings.

This way you can create a calendar subscription yourself

  1. Go to the Calendar app;
  2. Select the option ‘Calendars’ at the bottom and press ‘New calendar’ at the bottom;
  3. Give the new calendar a name and color. This will then be placed in the list with your agenda;
  4. Press the ‘i-icon’ behind the new agenda. Scroll down and check the option ‘Public calendar’;
  5. Then the option ‘Share link’ will appear underneath. Select this and share the calendar link with anyone who wants a subscription.

This way you can also add a calendar with all the birthdays of your Facebook friends. You can read exactly how that works in the article below.

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