Ice-Watch silicone watches for all generations

Based on the first collections of Ice-Watch watches with silicone straps from the 00s, Ice-Watch is bringing a new generation of watches into the world: Ice-Generation. Fun, practical and fashionable. Striking or sporty-chic, there is an Ice-Watch for every generation.

Ice-Watch silicone watches for all generations
▴ Chic gold details

Generation Blue 019146
▴ Generation Blue 019146

Just as colorful as the original

One of the first generations of Ice-Watches consisted of a series of the same watches, each with a different cheerful color. The case of these watches was made of plastic and the strap of soft silicone. The 2021 generation is made entirely of silicone. For extra wearing comfort and better protection against impacts. Because with such a colorful Ice-Watch you can, no, you have to go outside! And if it does rain or do you want to go swimming? That’s easy, because all Ice-Generation watches are 10 ATM waterproof.

019159 Flashy
▴ 019159 Flashy

Ice-Generation watches in Striking and bright colors
▴ Striking and bright colours

Ice-Generation is available in different color palettes. From bright fluorescent colors to soft pastel shades, fresh white or mysterious black.

Attention has also been paid to the dials. As far as we are concerned, the top models of this collection are the Ice-Generation watches with rainbow sunray dial. These watches really shine and you immediately get a summer feeling. Would you prefer something more chic? The black and gold gradient dials are also beautiful.

Ice-Generation watches with Rainbow dials
▴Rainbow dials

Lagoon 019145
▴ Lagoon 019145

Available in two sizes; Fun for adults and young people

Something we are completely used to at Ice-Watch is that you can get the watches in multiple sizes. It’s actually not that obvious. This makes Ice-Watch quite unique in the watch world!

White forever 019151
▴ White forever 019151

2 sizes of Ice-generation watches
▴ The same watch in two sizes: 40 and 35 mm.

The Ice-Generation is currently for sale in two unisex sizes: 40 mm and 35 mm: suitable for adults and (older) children. You just have to choose the color that suits you best!

A new generation of watches with an eye for the planet

Ice-Watch has also always been innovative with its watch packaging and that has not changed. Just like the stackable and multifunctional character. You can still use the boxes called BiCubic to store your watch, but also as a money box, or just as a nice storage box.

What has changed is the size and material. With the current climate challenges in mind, a more ecologically responsible approach has been chosen. The boxes have a smaller size (less material and transport) and are made from 66% recycled plastic, originating from production surpluses from the plastic industry.

Old and new silicone watch from Ice-Watch
▴ Clockwise: Ice Sili from 2010, the original Ice-Watch packaging, the new packaging and the Ice-Generation 2021

Flashy yellow 019161
▴ Flashy yellow 019161

More Ice-Watch at Techzle

At Techzle you will always find the perfect Ice-Watch watch. Whether you are from the baby boomer generation, Gen. X or millennial, we have an Ice-Watch in our collection for everyone. Do you already have an older Ice-Watch that could use a new strap? With our handy strap finder you can easily find the right watch strap.

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