iOS 16.3 RC is out: What’s new and when is the real release?

The official release of iOS 16.3 is coming very soon now, because the release candidate has appeared. These features are in iOS 16.3 RC!

iOS 16.3 RC is out: official release coming soon

It’s time for another update. iOS 16.3 RC (Release Candidate) is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for the iPhone. This update includes several new features and improvements. The RC version is the last version before the official release. After the release of the RC, it usually takes less than a week for the real version to come

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New features and bug fixes

The iOS 16.3 RC update focuses mainly on bug fixes and slightly less on new features. Nevertheless, it contains a number of interesting features.

  • New Handoff notification for the new HomePod;
  • The options to add physical security keys;
  • The SOS emergency notification settings have been adjusted;
  • Support for the HomePod (2nd generation);
  • Fixed issue with FreeForm while drawing;
  • Siri bug fixes during CarPlay and music playback;
  • New background in celebration of Black History Month (BHM).

Advanced data protection

The Advanced Data Protection feature is now available. This encrypts your data in iCloud with end-to-end encryption. This security means that only the sender and receiver can read the data.

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This will better protect your information in iCloud. Even when data is leaked during an iCloud hack. You must set up a recovery method to use this feature to always be able to access your account. If you ever lose access to your account, Apple can no longer help you (because the data is encrypted).

iOS 16.3 update fixes annoying screen issue

Many iPhone 14 owners had problems with their display. The horizontal stripes on the iPhone 14 appeared when the screen was taken out of standby. They were mainly yellow or green stripes, but the amount and position differed. This issue has now been resolved with the release of iOS 16.3 RC.

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When is the official release of iOS 16.3

Once the RC version of iOS 16.3 has been released, it won’t be long before the official version appears. In fact, you can probably get started with the real release of iOS 16.3 on Tuesday, January 24 by evening. So please be patient!

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