iOS 16: Say goodbye to that annoying CAPTCHA

The latest version of iOS is packed with new functions and features. But one of the best iOS 16 improvements has to do with the CAPTCHA. Soon you will never have to solve those annoying search pictures again!

No more CAPTCHA annoyances in iOS 16

You regularly come across them when you visit a website: those annoying search images in which you have to indicate the traffic lights, for example. You often have to do this several times in a row.

If there are no traffic lights, you will receive a calculation or a puzzle from which you have to find the numbers. Sometimes the picture doesn’t even fit on the screen of your iPhone, and then it becomes even more difficult to solve the CAPTCHA. Super annoying and the cause for a lot of angry tapping on the iPhone screen.

Captcha on iPhone

Still, there is good news, because with iOS 16, the CAPTCHA troubles of many iPhone users seem to have come to an end. There will be a function to have the CAPTCHA handled by your iPhone.

Private Access Token in iOS 16

This is done with a ‘Private Access Token’. This contains certain information from your iPhone (or other device) and your Apple ID. The token can then be used to show that you are a real person. This is done without any personal information or identity data being shared with the website.

Apple itself says that the websites that receive these tokens can only check that they are valid. It is impossible for the sites to find out your identity as a visitor.

Automatic Verification: Enabled by default in iOS 16

The option that takes care of all this in iOS 16 is called ‘Automatic Verification’. The setting is enabled by default when you have iOS 16 installed. To make sure that you also have the autofill CAPTCHA function enabled, you can check it in iOS 16 in the following way.

Turn on automatic verification on iPhone: autofill CAPTCHAs

  1. Go to Settings’;

  2. Tap on your ‘Apple ID’ and choose ‘Password and security’;

  3. Scroll down and make sure the ‘Automatic verification’ slider is turned on.

Automatic CAPTCHA verification in iOS 16

What exactly is a CAPTCHA?

The word CAPTCHA stands for (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). It’s a kind of test that shows you’re human and not a computer trying to break into an account.

There are different types of CAPTCHAs. You have to think of a kind of search picture to which you have to indicate, for example, traffic lights or boats. But it can also be an image with hard to read text or numbers.

Some CAPTCHAs you even have to fill in several times, which causes the necessary irritation. Yet they are important. Many sites use a CAPTCHA to keep accounts safe. If this did not happen, malicious parties could (easier) get away with your account details. Fortunately, it seems that in iOS 16 the irritations with the CAPTCHA are largely over.

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