iOS 17.2.1 is out: here’s why you need to update now

Apple has released an update this year, because iOS 17.2.1 is available. We’ll tell you why you should update now!

iOS 17.2.1 is available

Just update! Apple has released a new update for your iPhone in 2023. iOS 17.2.1 fixes major security issues, making it important to update as soon as possible. It was not expected that Apple would release the new software version this year, especially since the holidays are just around the corner.

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Apple employees are off during the holidays, so the update was important enough to release this week. Last year, iOS 15.2.1 was not released until January, but Apple has now chosen not to wait that long. This means that important issues are being resolved and we therefore recommend that you update immediately. This way you can be sure that your iPhone is properly secured again.

iOS 17.2.1

Issues in iOS 17.2

iOS 17.2.1 will not bring any new features to your iPhone, but only bug fixes. Apple has not announced which security issues will be fixed with the update, the company never does. This makes it less likely for malicious parties to abuse the security hole on iPhones that have not yet been updated to the latest software version.

In addition, a number of other bugs are fixed. It’s not clear exactly what has been changed in iOS 17.2.1, but it appears that an issue with the Messages app has been fixed. Since iOS 17.2, the app disappeared from users’ home screens as soon as the order of all apps was changed. With the latest iOS version it is again possible to change the layout of the apps without any problems.

iOS 17.2: these were the new features

An important update is coming to your iPhone with iOS 17.2.1, so it is advisable to install the update immediately. You will find the latest iOS version on your iPhone under ‘Settings > General > Software Update’. There you can then choose whether you want to download the update immediately or update the iPhone overnight.

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With iOS 17.2.1, Apple mainly solves problems, but with iOS 17.2 new features came to your iPhone. A completely new Diary app came to your phone and apps such as Messages and Apple Music were given useful functions. Did you miss what the new features were in iOS 17.2? Then read all about the last major iPhone update of the year here!

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