iOS 17.5.1 is out (and fixes this major issue on your iPhone)

Apple has released another update, because iOS 17.5.1 is available for the iPhone. This problem will be fixed in the new iOS version!

Apple releases iOS 17.5.1

Another update for the iPhone is available with iOS 17.5.1! iOS 17.5 was released on May 13, with which Apple introduced a number of new features. It is now possible to install apps directly from the internet on the iPhone, without having to do so app store to use. In addition, there is a new one Repair State available, which was developed for defective iPhones that are sent to Apple.

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Unfortunately, iOS 17.5 did not come without problems, so Apple chose to release an interim update. iOS 17.5.1 does not bring any new features to the iPhone, but fixes an annoying problem from iOS 17.5. A number of users suffered from a software error in the Photos app, which caused deleted photos to reappear in the photo library.

iOS 17.5.1

Problems with Photos app

In the description of iOS 17.5.1, Apple confirms the photo library issue. This software error did not affect all users, but the problem was significant enough for Apple to release an interim update. The bug in iOS 17.5 ensured that deleted photos remained visible in the photo library. Normally these images are placed in the ‘Recently deleted’ album.

Photos are stored in this folder for thirty days, after which they are permanently deleted from your iPhone. However, the problem did not seem to only occur with this album, because some users even showed up deleted photos from 2010. In any case, it is a problem in the software of the iPhone itself, so deleted iCloud photos are not unintentional returned. Apple fixed the photo library issue in iOS 17.5.1.

iphone deleted photos

No more new features for the time being

Apple has released iOS 17.5.1 worldwide, so you can find the update on your iPhone under settings under ‘General > Software Update’. Unfortunately, no new features are coming to your iPhone, so we will probably have to wait for iOS 18. Apple will unveil the major update at WWDC in June. According to rumors, it will be the biggest update for the iPhone ever, with many new features related to artificial intelligence.

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We will have to wait a while for iOS 18, because that update will not be released until September. It is therefore quite possible that Apple will release iOS 17.6 in the meantime. That update most likely won’t have any major new features, just like iOS 17.5.1. Instead, Apple makes small changes and fixes problems in the software. We have to wait until September for the new features. Do you want to know more about iOS 18? Read all about the biggest iPhone update ever here!

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