iOS 17 beta 5 is out – these new features are in the trial version

Apple has already released the fifth test version of the next iOS version. These new features are coming to your iPhone with iOS 17 beta 5.

Apple releases iOS 17 beta 5

Another test version of iOS 17 is available for your iPhone! With iOS 17 beta 5, a number of new features are coming to your phone. Officially, iOS 17 will not be released until later this year, but with the test version you can already get started with all the new features. The first public beta was released last month, followed by the second public test version at the beginning of this month.

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In iOS 17 beta 5, Apple has mainly made minor adjustments. For example, animations in the new test version work a lot smoother, especially in Messages and Spotlight. In the new version of iOS 17 you will also receive a notification to see the location of the Siri Remote. The function does not yet work in practice, but it will soon be possible to find your Siri Remote via your iPhone.

check in iphone

New Check In and Health features

With iOS 17 beta 5, Check In also gets a new option. With the Check In function (in Dutch the function is called ‘Checking’) you can automatically send a message to your important contacts when you arrive at your destination. This way your family or partner will know immediately that you have arrived safely.

In the new iOS version, you can choose how much information you share with your contacts. You then have the choice of full or limited information. If you choose the limited option, your contact will see your location, phone signal and battery percentage. At full, your route, the times when your iPhone is unlocked and the location of your Apple Watch are also shared.

In addition, Health has become slightly better in iOS 17. With the new iOS version, it becomes possible to record your mood and emotions in Apple’s Health app. This way you can better reflect on times when you felt good or bad. With this, Apple tries to improve your mental health. In iOS 17 beta 5, the categories in this new feature have been expanded.

iOS 17 health

Official release of iOS 17 will take a while

Do you want to get started with iOS 17 beta 5? Then you need to register on the special Apple beta website. After that you can install the test version of iOS 17 directly. Please note that this is still a test version, so there may still be errors in the software. As a result, some functions may not yet work perfectly on your iPhone. Therefore, always make a backup of your iPhone via your Mac.

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You have to wait a little longer for the official release of iOS 17. Apple releases iOS 17 shortly after the presentation of the iPhone 15. This usually happens in the second or third week of September. Do you want to know more about iOS 17? Check here whether all new functions work on your iPhone. With iOS 17, Apple also reveals a number of functions of the iPhone 15. Read here which they are!

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