iOS 17 beta 7 is out – and reveals something about the iPhone 15

Apple has launched iOS 17 beta 7, which reveals a new feature of the iPhone 15. This changes with the new iPhone!

Apple releases iOS 17 beta 7

Another new test version of iOS 17 has been released as beta 7 is available for your iPhone. There are no major changes in the new iOS version, Apple has mainly implemented minor improvements. For example, in the Phone app, the button that allows you to hang up at the end of a phone call has been moved. In beta 6, this button was located at the bottom right, which caused a stir among users. Apple has therefore decided to place the button back in the middle.

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In addition, Apple has changed the animations for the state of mind in the Health app. With the new function you indicate once in a while what your mood is at that moment, in order to gain a better insight into your mental health. In the latest test version, the speed of the animations that appear when indicating your state of mind has been slightly adjusted.

Finally, a function has been added in iOS 17 beta 4, which reveals a new function of the iPhone 15. We will tell you more.

iPhone 15 buttons

Silent mode works with iOS 17 differently with the iPhone 15

In iOS 17 beta 7, your iPhone reacts slightly differently when silent mode is activated. When you put the phone on silent, the iPhone responds via haptic feedback. The phone then vibrates briefly, but due to a bug in beta 6, this function did not work properly. In the seventh test version, this problem has been solved and the vibration function has even been expanded.

From the latest iOS version, it is also possible that the iPhone vibrates when you switch off silent mode. Apple has not yet activated this vibration function, so it is quite possible that this will not happen until the release of the iPhone 15. Rumors have been predicting for some time that the iPhone 15 will get a new action button, which will mutebutton replaces. This new button works with haptic feedback and the new iOS 17 beta 4 software seems to hint at this action button again.

New iPhone 15 button

With the iPhone 15, you can determine for yourself which action will be performed when you press the button. This way you no longer have to unlock the iPhone and go to a specific app. You then perform the action with the push of a button. The action button is not a physical button, but a button that vibrates when you press it. So your iPhone vibrates briefly when you switch silent mode on and off, for which the basis was laid in iOS 17 beta 7.

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Earlier, the fourth test version of iOS 17 was released, in which the new functions of the action button were already revealed. For example, it will soon be possible to open the camera, turn on the flashlight or record voice messages with the action button. Are you curious about all the functions of the new button? Then read here which functions of the action button iOS 17 has revealed even more.

iPhone 15 buttons

Just wait for the iPhone 15 and iOS 17

The new action button is reportedly only coming to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. It is not the first time that Apple provides a device with an action button. The Apple Watch Ultra was launched last year and has a similar button. Now the button is also coming to the new iPhone. It remains to be seen when we can order the iPhone 15 Pro Max, because the phone will probably appear a lot later than the other models.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will therefore appear a bit later, but it will have a completely new action button. Once Apple unveils the iPhone 15, the final version of iOS 17 will also be released to the general public. Want to know more about the new features of the next iPhone? We have previously listed all the rumors about the iPhone 15 and the Pro Max for you!

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