iOS 17 release: on this day your iPhone will get new features

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 15 and that of course also includes the release of iOS 17! This is when all the new features come to your iPhone.

Many new features in iOS 17

Apple officially announced the iPhone 15 during the Wonderlust event! Apple launches a major iOS update every year with the new iPhone, this year it is iOS 17’s turn. With the major update, cool and, above all, useful functions come to your iPhone. Your iPhone becomes a full-fledged alarm clock with the new StandBy mode and AirDrop is much better with NameDrop.

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In addition, it is finally possible to use Apple’s Maps offline and you can share the location of an AirTag with multiple people. Also nice: in iOS 17 your iPhone recognizes pets in your Photo Library, allowing you to create a profile for your dog, for example. iOS 17 brings many new features to your iPhone. And you can get started quickly, because the release of iOS 17 is next week!

iOS 17

This is when iOS 17 will be released

Apple also announced the release date of iOS 17 during the Wonderlust event. You can download the new iOS version Monday September 18th can install on your iPhone. The update usually appears in the evening, between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM Dutch time. iOS 17 will then automatically arrive on your iPhone and you can download the software.

If you want to install iOS 17 immediately after release, it is best to go to your iPhone’s settings yourself. You will then find the new update in your iPhone’s settings under ‘General > Software update’. Then tap ‘Download and Install’ to get iOS 17 on your phone. If you have automatic updating enabled, your iPhone will update automatically. This only happens at night, so you won’t be able to get started with iOS 17 until a day later.


Apple is launching six updates at once

Unfortunately, iOS 17 will not come to all iPhones upon release, and a number of older models no longer support the update. Like every year, these iPhones no longer receive the latest functions, they remain stuck on iOS 16. The devices do still receive security updates, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your iPhone. Read here whether your iPhone supports iOS 17.

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In addition to iOS 17, five more major software updates from Apple will be released on Monday evening. Apple always releases a series of major updates in the fall, but this year is the first time they are released at the same time. That means you can update a large portion of your Apple devices at once. Are you curious about which updates will come during the release of iOS 17? Then quickly read which devices will receive a major software update!

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