iOS 18 has a cool new feature for Apple Music – here’s what you need to know

Listening to music becomes a lot more fun on Apple Music, because according to a new rumor, Apple is also working on a new feature for the music service in iOS 18. This is already known!

iOS 18 has new feature for Apple Music

On June 10, Apple will announce all the new features of iOS 18 during WWDC. We expect a series of new AI functions and new features for customizing the home screen. According to a new rumor, there will also be a new feature for Apple Music.

Discover Apple Music

You may remember that Apple was very late in adding crossfade support to the Music app. That feature was only added to the iPhone last year, as part of iOS 17. This feature was available much earlier on Android and desktop.

With the default crossfade option, the Music app gradually lowers the volume of the currently playing song as it nears the end. At the same time, the app starts playing a new song while slowly increasing the volume – creating a transition between the two songs.

new feature Apple Music

Smart song transitions

According to a report from AppleInsider Apple is testing a new feature for Apple Music, currently known as ‘smart song transitions‘. This feature would build on the existing crossfade support in Apple Music. Unfortunately, the report does not provide any further details about what exactly these ‘smart number transitions’ entail. The report suggests that the new feature will allow you to adjust the duration of the crossfade effect.

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But that is actually already possible with crossfade support. Just go to the Settings app on your iPhone, choose ‘Music’ and look for the crossfade option. Once you enable crossfade, you will see a slider that allows you to set the crossfade duration from one second to twelve seconds.

new feature Apple Music

It seems logical that the new function ‘smart song transitions‘ Apple Music will offer something extra, but what that is remains unclear. The songs may flow much more smoothly into each other through artificial intelligence, or AI may place songs one after the other that have a similar rhythm for a better transition. Apple will announce it during the upcoming WWDC in about three weeks.

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