iOS 18 reveals which colors the iPhone 16 will come in (this is what they look like)

Apple has announced iOS 18 and probably reveals which colors the iPhone 16 will come in. The iPhone 16 appears in these colors!

iOS 18 reveals new colors

At WWDC 2024, Apple announced iOS 18! There are many changes coming to your iPhone with the introduction of Apple Intelligence, Apple’s own AI technology. Almost all apps are being expanded with artificial intelligence and Siri is becoming a lot smarter. A major update will of course also include new wallpapers, which means that iOS 18 will probably reveal a number of colors of the iPhone 16. View them all here:

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Every year, Apple releases new wallpapers with the major iOS update. That is the case again this year, in iOS 18 you get eight new wallpapers. These wallpapers usually match the colors of the new iPhone, because the major iOS version is released at the same time as the new generation of the smartphone. There is therefore a good chance that the housing of the iPhone 16 matches the colors of the wallpapers in iOS 18.

These are the new colors

Apple has added eight new wallpapers to iOS 18. These wallpapers are available in blue, yellow, pink, purple, green, red, rose and gold. According to rumors, we can expect the iPhone 16 in approximately the same colors as the wallpaper versions in iOS 18. For example, the iPhone 16 (Plus) appears in the shades of yellow, blue, pink, green, black, white and purple. These reportedly resemble the colors of the iOS 18 wallpapers.

According to rumors, we will see the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max in the colors natural, desert (rose), white and space black titanium. These shades are less pronounced than on the regular iPhone 16, which is due to the titanium housing. Here too we see overlap with the wallpapers, for example the dark backgrounds in iOS 18 probably reveal the colors of the iPhone 16 Pro (Max). We also see a rosé and natural (light yellow) version there.

iphone 16 camera island

Release date of the iPhone 16

The new wallpapers in iOS 18 therefore confirm the colors that have been predicted so far for the iPhone 16. In 2023, Apple also released wallpapers that matched the new casing of the iPhone 15. Other new features that come with the iPhone 16 (Plus) expected are the action button and an improved camera. We see the new one with the iPhone 16 Pro (Max). Capture Button and larger screens.

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Apple will not release the new iPhones until September, when the official version of iOS 18 is also released. The presentation of the series of new iPhones usually takes place in the second week of September. This will happen on a Monday or Tuesday. If we look (very) far ahead, that would be Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 September 2024. That evening we will know for sure in which colors the iPhone 16 will appear and iOS 18 will be available to everyone. Want to know more about the biggest iPhone update ever? Then read everything about iOS 18 here!

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