iPad Air 2024: These three things you can expect

A new iPad Air is coming this year. But what can you expect from this iPad Air 2024? You need to know this.

iPad Air 2024: These three things you can expect

Rumors had already said that a new iPad Pro is on the way, but a new iPad Air is also in the pipeline in 2024. And this time the iPad Air gets some big changes.

iPad Air 2022

New format

Apple gave the iPad Air a 10.9-inch display in 2020 and a new look that looks a bit like an iPad Pro. This year, Apple seems to be planning the same thing and going even further.

According to various rumors, Apple is planning to release a 12.9-inch model of the iPad Air 2024 as well. This is the first time that an iPad Air is available in two sizes, similar to the iPad Pro. The 12.9-inch version will have the same LCD screen as the smaller model.

ipad air 2024 concept

Larger camera island

According to a leaked document, the new iPad Air will have a larger camera island. The iPad Air 2022 still has a small, round camera on the back. The camera of the iPad Air 2024 ends up in a kind of vertical bar and protrudes a little further. It’s a bit similar to the iPhone X’s camera.

The camera now also has a flash for the first time. It is not known why Apple has now decided to add a flash. This could mean that Apple plans to introduce other new camera features as well.

No new Magic Keyboard for iPad Air 2024

According to rumors, the iPad Pro 2024 will get a new Magic Keyboard with a more laptop-like style. Unfortunately, it appears that the iPad Air 2024 will not have this option.

According to usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman, the new keyboard will only be available for the iPad Pro. Both variants of the new iPad Air still have to make do with the current version of the Magic Keyboard.

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