iPad event 2024: this is what the invitation (and Tim Cook) reveals

Apple announced the first event of 2024 yesterday, but what clues can we find in the invitation? Apple has already revealed this!

First Apple event of 2024

Apple will soon finally present new products, because on May 7 the first Apple event of the year takes place. It doesn’t happen often that Apple organizes an event in May, the last time was in 2002. The fact that Apple chooses to hold an event this spring most likely means that important announcements will be made.

It is expected that we will finally see new iPads on May 7. Apple’s last tablets now date from 2022, and last year was the first time Apple did not release a new iPad. It is therefore high time that we see a new generation of the tablet. Which devices can we expect at the 2024 iPad event? And what else does Apple reveal with the invitation? These are the expectations.

apple event let loose

1.Apple Pencil 3

In any case, the invitation makes it clear that this is an iPad event, during which a new Apple Pencil will be unveiled. In the invitation that Apple shared, a pen can clearly be seen. Tim Cook went one step further by explicitly mentioning the Pencil in his tweet. The Apple Pencil 3 will therefore be released on May 7, and will probably have a number of useful new functions.

According to rumors, the third generation of the Apple Pencil will support Find My. You will always be able to find the pen, which is useful if the Apple Pencil is not clicked to the side of your iPad. The Pencil will also have modified controls, the touch-sensitive surface will probably be a bit larger. The slogan ‘Let loose‘ from Apple’s invitation. Read more about the Apple Pencil 3 here.

2. iPad Air 2024

The Apple Pencil naturally also includes new iPads. The first event of 2024 will focus on no fewer than four new iPads, including the new iPad Air. Apple is releasing the iPad Air for the first time this year in two different sizes. You will soon have a choice of a 10.9 and a 12.9-inch version. We are seeing the latter for the first time, so you no longer have to pay the top price of the iPad Pro for a larger screen with the iPad.

The iPad Air 2024 will of course be unveiled at the 2024 iPad event. It is expected that Apple will equip the tablet with an M2 chip and that the device will have a flash under the camera for the first time. The camera island of the iPad is slightly adjusted for this. Furthermore, the latest rumors predict that the iPad Air will get the 12.9-inch screen of the iPad Pro 2022, which would mean a major update. Here we list all the rumors about the iPad Air 2024 for you.

3. iPad Pro 2024

In addition to the 10.9- and 12.9-inch iPad Air 2024, Apple is announcing two more tablets at the iPad event. The iPad Pro 2024 will also be released in two sizes. If we are to believe the rumors, the tablet will be a lot bigger this year, probably due to the thinner screen edges. We therefore see an 11- and a 13-inch version of the iPad Pro 2024. For example, the iPad Air and iPad Pro still have different sizes.

Apple is switching to OLED screens with the iPad Pro 2024, which would be a big step, especially for the small version. Now the 11-inch variant still has an LCD screen, the larger version already has a micro-LED screen. Furthermore, the tablet will probably have support for MagSafe and the device runs on the powerful M3 chip. Would you like to know more about the iPad Pro 2024 before the iPad event? Then read everything about the tablet here.

iPad Pro 2024

4.Magic Keyboard

A new generation of the Magic Keyboard is also expected with the new iPad Pro 2024. This keyboard has a larger trackpad, which turns the iPad even more into a laptop. According to rumors, the housing of the Magic Keyboard will also be modified. The new version gets a sturdy aluminum frame, which only supports the iPad Pro.

No new Magic Keyboard is expected for the iPad Air 2024. It is expected that Apple will give existing accessories such as the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Mouse for the Mac a minor update at the iPad event of 2024. These devices will then make the switch to USB-C, so that Apple complies with the new European legislation that will be introduced this year. We probably won’t see any new features with these accessories.

iPad Pro

iPad event 2024: this is when

The invitation for the 2024 iPad event is strikingly colorful. This means that we may expect a series of new colors for the iPad Air 2024. The 2022 generation is already available in different colors, and there may be even more for the iPad Air 2024. Or Apple will release the iPad Pro 2024 in multiple colors, because there are only two for the iPad Pro 2022.

We don’t have to wait long anymore, because the iPad event will take place on May 7, 2024. The event starts at 4:00 PM Dutch time, it is not yet known exactly how long the presentation will last. Would you like to watch live? Loves iPhoned then keep a close eye on it. We will share a livestream that day, so you don’t miss anything from the first Apple event of 2024!

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