iPad Pro 2024 has problems, but Apple is working on the solution

The iPad Pro 2024 is the best tablet Apple has made yet, but there are already problems. This is what’s going on.

iPad Pro 2024 has problems

The iPad Pro 2024 is not even officially in stores yet and there are already problems. According to a review on the website iMore the thinnest iPad does not work properly with HDR content. Some shades of blue cause problems. The color then appears to be almost completely white on the screen. In the image you see this as a kind of artifacts, which you also sometimes see with video compression.

iPad Pro 2024 problems

According to iMore, the problems can be seen ‘under very specific circumstances’, so fortunately the issues with the iPad Pro 2024 don’t seem to be too bad. They are not visible on other Apple devices with an OLED screen (such as the iPhone 15 Pro).

…but Apple is working on a solution

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry that Apple will soon recall every iPad Pro 2024 with problems. The problem can be solved with an update. In fact, Apple has already indicated that they are aware of the problem and will release a software update that will solve everything.

This is the iPad Pro 2024, in short

The biggest improvement in the iPad Pro 2024 is Apple’s new M4 chip. This processor has never been used in an Apple device before. According to Apple, the M4 chip is up to 50 percent faster than the M2 chip

Apple iPad Pro 2024

Another important change with the iPad Pro 2024 is the introduction of the new OLED display. This gives the tablet better contrast and greater color accuracy. In addition, the display is also more energy efficient.

In addition, it is also the thinnest iPad ever and is even a (slightly) larger than the previous version. The iPad Pro 2024 is available in 11 inches and 13 inches. It is also striking that the camera is now on the long side of the iPad.

Buy iPad Pro 2024

Fortunately, the problems with the iPad Pro 2024 are easy to solve, so you can buy Apple’s latest tablet with confidence. Then of course you don’t want to pay too much. You will find the best prices in our iPad Pro 2024 price comparator.

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