iPadOS 17.4 is out (but you’re missing a lot of new features on the iPad)

In addition to iOS 17.4, Apple has also released iPadOS 17.4, but not all new features come to the iPad. This is why.

Big changes in iOS 17.4

Last night, in addition to iPadOS 17.4, iOS 17.4 was also released, an update that brings major changes. The new iOS version makes it possible to install alternative app stores, allowing you to install apps for the first time without needing Apple’s App Store. In addition, the NFC chip will be opened to third parties, so that more payment methods come to the iPhone.

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Another change in iOS 17.4 is the introduction of new browsers. It was already allowed to download browsers other than Safari, such as Google Chrome. However, that browser still worked in the background on the same software as Safari due to Apple regulations. This is no longer the case with iOS 17.4, but this does not apply to the iPad. In iPadOS 17.4 we miss many new iOS features. That’s how it is.

iPadOS 17.4 is out (but you’re missing a lot of new features on the iPad)

iPadOS 17.4: few new features

Apple is therefore not making nearly the same changes in iPadOS 17.4 as in iOS 17.4. This has to do with the new European legislation, which came into effect today. This arrangement obliges Apple to make important adjustments to iOS, such as allowing new App Stores. The European Commission has determined that Apple has too much power in iOS and the new law should change that.

That’s exactly why Apple is only making the changes on the iPhone, because that’s the only device that runs on iOS. Apple states that iPadOS is a completely different platform than iOS and is therefore not subject to the new legislation. This means that even in iPadOS 17.4 you are limited to Apple’s App Store and you still cannot install apps via a detour. It is still impossible to put WhatsApp on your iPad.

Browsers continue to work in the background in the same way as Safari in iPadOS 17.4. In iOS 17.4, browser developers now have much more freedom, but that is not the case on the iPad. The iPad still has to make do with weakened versions of browsers such as Google Chrome. It is also not allowed to set a different default browser, as is now possible on the iPhone.

default browser

This is new in iPadOS 17.4

Of course, that doesn’t mean that no new features will come to your iPad with iPadOS 17.4. After installing the update, you will receive new payment methods in the App Store. You can then pay in several ways when purchasing an app or subscription. This is also due to the new European law, which applies to Apple’s App Store on all devices.

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These regulations will cause another change in the App Store, because the platform will be opened to third-party games. Services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming will soon also come to the iPad. In addition, the new emojis are also coming to the tablet with iPadOS 17.4. Are you curious about which pictures you will get in the new update? Then view all the new emojis from iPadOS 17.4 here!

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