iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 have fallen sharply in price: get them cheap now

All eyes were on the brand new iPhone 15 series during the Apple event, but something interesting happened in the Apple Store. The iPhone 14 (Plus) and iPhone 13 have become cheaper.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 cheaper

On September 12, the newest iPhones were finally announced! This concerns the iPhone 15 (Plus) and 15 Pro (Max). But something else interesting happened: the iPhone 14 (Plus) and iPhone 13 have become much cheaper.

The prices for iPhones in the Apple Store usually remain relatively the same. However, once a year Apple looks at prices and makes price reductions. That is always after the announcement of new iPhones.

Prices iPhone 14 and 13

This is also the case again this year. The iPhone 15 is of course the showpiece on the Apple website, but the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 13 are also still for sale in the Apple Store. Great news: the iPhone 14 (Plus) and iPhone 13 have become considerably cheaper. The new prices are:

  • iPhone 14: for 869 euros (was 1019 euros);
  • iPhone 14 Plus: for 969 (was 1169 euros);
  • iPhone 13: for 749 euros (was 909 euros).
iPhone 14

iPhone 14: with a 246 euro discount

The iPhone 14 is also a lot cheaper at other stores at the moment. The iPhone 14 is currently the cheapest as a separate device at PhoneMarket. You buy it there for 822 euros and will then receive the blue variant. For the other colors, put down a little more.

In combination with a subscription, it becomes completely affordable, because then you get it 246 euros cheaper. To do this, take out a Vodafone subscription with GSMweb. You still have to pay 576 euros.

View the iPhone 14 deal at GSMweb

iPhone 14 Plus: with a 152 euro discount

Prefer the iPhone 14 Plus? Then you can get it cheapest with a KPN subscription from Belsimpel. There you pay a total of 768 euros for your new iPhone. If you don’t want to be tied to a subscription, you can also get the iPhone 14 Plus cheaply from Belsimpel. The phone will cost you 920 euros.

  • View the iPhone 14 Plus with KPN at Belsimpel: for 768 euros
iPhone 14

iPhone 13: with a 233 euro discount

The iPhone 13 is also the cheapest in combination with a subscription: 504 euros. In that case, you take out a KPN subscription with GSMweb. That is an advantage of 233 euros, because for the separate device you pay 737 euros at YourMacStore.

  • View the iPhone 13 with KPN at GSMweb: for 504 euros

iPhone 15 unexpectedly cheaper

During the Apple event there was even more good news (in addition to the presentation of all iPhone 15 features). The prices turned out to be cheaper than last year’s iPhone 14 series. You can get the entry-level iPhone 15 at home from 969 euros. If you want the best of the best in your pocket, you pay a minimum for the iPhone 15 Pro Max 1479 euros.

Discover everything about the iPhone 15

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