iPhone 14 Plus not popular: Apple (temporarily) stops production

The iPhone 14 Pro cannot be dragged on, but the demand for the iPhone 14 Plus is very disappointing. Apple is therefore going to (temporarily) stop production.

Production is almost at a standstill

Due to disappointing sales figures of the iPhone 14 Plus, production of the device is almost at a standstill in December. In this way, Apple is trying to equalize the supply and demand for the iPhone 14 Plus.

This comes as no surprise: Apple previously announced that iPhone 14 Plus production was being reduced. Now the demand for the larger model of the iPhone 14 is apparently so low that production is almost at a standstill.

iPhone 14 Pro already sold out before Christmas

This disappointing sales is a big difference with the iPhone 14 Pro, which is already sold out for the upcoming holiday season. If you now order an iPhone 14 Pro on Apple’s website, the smartphone will not be delivered until December 28. So a delivery time of more than a month.

This long delivery time is due to production problems with the iPhone 14 Pro. The Chinese government recently announced another lockdown in Zhengzhou, the city where the main iPhone factory is located. Due to the lockdown, (much) less is produced in the factory.

iPhone 14 Pro Christmas

Total iPhone 14 production is higher

Although sales of the iPhone 14 Plus are disappointing, there is also good news for Apple. The total sales of all iPhone 14 models exceeded that of the iPhone 13 models last year.

Apple will sell about ten percent more iPhone 14 models this year than was the case with the iPhone 13 series last year. That comes after the news that Apple has cut production of the iPhone 14 Plus and the current production problems with the iPhone 14 Pro.

Despite the disappointing sales, it seems that Apple will release an iPhone 15 Plus model next year. But how will Apple ensure that sales do not disappoint? That remains to be seen.

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