‘iPhone 14 Pro production at risk due to Foxconn factory protests’

Protests have been going on at Foxconn’s largest iPhone factory for some time now. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, these strikes put iPhone 14 Pro production at risk.

iPhone 14 Pro sales in jeopardy due to protests

Although Apple only released this phone about two months ago, iPhone 14 Pro production in the last months of 2022 will be a lot lower than Apple predicted. Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo even fears that sales of the iPhone 14, and its big brother iPhone 14 Pro Max, are at risk.

The reason? The labor protests at Foxconn’s main iPhone factory in China. Here the employees are not paid enough and they feel that they are not given enough freedom with regard to corona legislation.

‘iPhone 14 Pro production at risk due to Foxconn factory protests’

Kuo: ’20 percent lower iPhone 14 Pro production’

Kuo let know that the iPhone 14 Pro production at the factory is suffering enormously from the protests about unfavorable working conditions. That’s why Kuo also redid his calculations. Apple will produce no less than 20 percent fewer iPhone 14 Pros in the fourth quarter of 2022. Instead of 80 million units, there are now 70 million.

This is also because only 20 percent of the employees started working in the factory in November. Kuo says he expects this to rise to 40 percent in December. It seems that it will not be possible to get the iPhone 14 Pro production up and running again before Christmas. As a result, Apple’s revenues would also be 20 percent lower than expected.

Demand for this new flagship will disappear

In addition, it could even be that customers will no longer buy an iPhone 14 Pro in 2023. Kuo believes that the demand for the new phone will slowly disappear anyway due to these problems, strikes and production delays.

This suggests that many customers who wanted to buy an iPhone 14 Pro now have no plans to order the device in January or later when iPhone 14 Pro production is back in full swing. They may even postpone their purchase until the iPhone 15. The iPhone 14 Pro models are currently only delivered in four weeks from the online Apple Store as the company struggles to keep up with deliveries.

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