iPhone 15: ‘all models with Dynamic Island, without always-on’

The iPhone 14 has only just been released when there are already rumors about a new iPhone. All models of the iPhone 15 get Dynamic Island, but no always-on display.

‘Every iPhone 15 gets the Dynamic Island’

One of the biggest visual differences between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro is the Dynamic Island. Until now, we saw the notch (notch for the selfie camera). Although the ‘regular’ iPhone 14 still has this notch, the iPhone 14 Pro models have received the new Dynamic Island as a replacement.

Now, trusted analyst Ross Young thinks Dynamic Island will come to all iPhone 15 models next year. He expects two other features to remain exclusive to the Pro versions of the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15: ‘all models with Dynamic Island, without always-on’

What’s so special about Dynamic Island?

It will take at least another year for these iPhones to see the light of day. Last year he got it right with rumors about the iPhone 14 and MacBook Pro screens.

If Apple will offer the same four phones in the fall of 2023, this would mean that not only the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will receive the Dynamic Island, but also the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will see this oval bar in the screen.

With the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple has transformed this cutout in the screen from a nuisance to a handy thing. For example, you keep a lot of data on the Dynamic Island, while you are working in other apps.

Follow the directions when you plan the route with Apple Maps or easily turn on the next Spotify song. You can also switch between the important apps with the Dynamic Island at the touch of a button.

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iPhone 14 Pro dynamic island

‘Always-on and ProMotion screen not to iPhone 15’

Ross Young also comes with some bad news. He says in the same tweet that, according to all expectations, the ‘regular’ iPhone 15 will still not have a ProMotion display. That also means that we will not see an always-on function on the iPhone 15.

We regret this. The iPhone 13 Pro already has this ProMotion technology. This refreshes your iPhone no less than 120 times per second, making use even smoother.

iPhone 12 pro max promotion 120hz

The ProMotion screens of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) can even drop to 1Hz (1 time per second). This paved the way for an always-on display (that doesn’t guzzle battery). The fact that Apple will not introduce this technology in the ‘normal’ phones of their star line-up after three years is not at all striking.

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