iPhone 15 reduced in price: you can get it cheaply here

Does your iPhone need to be replaced or is your subscription coming to an end? We have good news for you! The new iPhone 15 has already been reduced in price, so we tell you where to go to get the cheapest deal possible.

iPhone 15 in brief

iphone 15

While the iPhone 14 wasn’t much of an upgrade, the iPhone 15 definitely is. Many features have been carried over from the iPhone 14 Pro. For example, the notch has been replaced by the Dynamic Island and you can now take photos with the 48 megapixel camera. Predecessors still have to make do with 12 megapixels.

The camera app also has a number of nice new options. For example, if there is a person or even a pet in the picture, portrait mode is automatically applied. This also makes it possible to add the effect at a later time or move the focus to another point.

To power this whole thing, Apple used the A16 Bionic chip from the iPhone 14 Pro, but with a number of adjustments. This makes the iPhone 15 incredibly powerful and can handle any task.

Apple must also comply with new European legislation, which means that the latest devices are equipped with a USB-C output. However, this has the additional advantage that data transfer is a bit faster. You get the iPhone 15 in one of 4 cheerful colors: blue, yellow, green, pink. Or do you prefer classic black?

It is currently the cheapest on Amazon. There you pay 916 euros for the separate device. That is a saving of 53 euros compared to the recommended retail price.

Check out the iPhone 15 at Amazon

iPhone 15 with subscription: save 148 euros with providers

If you choose to immediately take out a new subscription when purchasing an iPhone, you can save a lot on the device price. It doesn’t matter what the provider is about the size of your bundle, the device price always remains the same.

The iPhone 15 is currently the cheapest available from Vodafone. You pay 768 euros there, which is a saving of 148 euros compared to the ransom price. Do you prefer KPN? Then you save 100 euros, because the iPhone 15 will cost you 816 euros.

The iPhone 15 is of course also available at Odido, but you save the least there: 40 euros. If you are already a customer of one of the providers, choose the same one again. You benefit from many customer benefits.

  • View the iPhone 15 at Vodafone – device price is 768 euros
  • View the iPhone 15 at KPN – device price is 816 euros
  • View the iPhone 15 at Odido – device price is 876 euros

iPhone 15 with subscription: save 246 euros at online stores

Do you use a large bundle? Then the cheapest option for you is to purchase your iPhone 15 with a subscription through an online store, such as Belsimpel or Mobiel.nl. Here the discount amount does depend on the bundle you take out. The more MBs you have in your bundle, the more discount you receive.

iPhone 15 with Odido subscription: save up to 246 euros

An iPhone 15 in combination with an Odido subscription is currently the cheapest at Belsimpel. In that case, the iPhone 15 will still cost you 670 euros: a saving of 246 euros. If you are already an Odido customer at home, you will benefit from more benefits. Consider a discount of up to 7.50 euros per month.

View the iPhone 15 at Belsimpel
iPhone 15

iPhone 15 with Vodafone subscription: save up to 245 euros

Would you rather go for Vodafone? Then you should also go to Belsimpel, because the iPhone 15 is available there for 671 euros. That is a saving of 245 euros compared to the price for a separate device. And if you have Ziggo internet at home, you will receive double data and even more discounts and benefits.

  • View the iPhone 15 with Vodafone at Belsimpel: device price is 671 euros

iPhone 15 with KPN subscription: save up to 148 euros

If you prefer a KPN subscription with your iPhone 15, it doesn’t matter where you get it. At Belsimpel and Mobiel.nl as well as GSMweb you pay 768 euros for the iPhone 15 with a KPN subscription with unlimited internet. So you save up to 148 euros compared to the ransom price.

If you already have a KPN subscription for your internet, you will receive a discount of up to 7.50 euros per month and a 5 euro discount per month on entertainment services.

  • View the iPhone 15 with KPN at Belsimpel – device price is 768 euros
  • View the iPhone 15 with KPN at Mobiel.nl – device price is 768 euros
  • View the iPhone 15 with KPN at GSMweb – device price is 768 euros

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