iPhone 15 with CarPlay: then you need this cable

The iPhone 15’s charging cable sometimes does not work with CarPlay. Here you can read which cable you need to use CarPlay with your iPhone 15.

You need this cable for CarPlay with iPhone 15

With the iPhone 15, Apple has switched to a different charging cable that you receive with the device. This cable has a USB-C connection on both sides.

USB-C cable

If you want to use CarPlay with your iPhone, plug the charging cable into your smartphone and the other end into the USB port of your car. But sometimes the new cable of the iPhone 15 does not fit into the USB connection of your car.

This is because cars usually have a USB-A connection. And the new cable of the iPhone 15 has a USB-C connection on both sides. Using wireless CarPlay is an option, but sometimes you also want your iPhone to be charged while driving.

iphone 15 cable

Apple sells a USB-C to Lightning adapter, but that means you need a USB-A to Lightning cable. And if you already have one, they are often quite old. Then it is wiser to buy a new cable with a USB-C and USB-A connection.

You have to make sure that the cable also supports data and cannot only charge. The cables below in any case (according to the manufacturer) support charging and data transfer with CarPlay.

  • DrPhone MDD Series USB-C to USB-A cable (1.2 meters)
  • USB-C to USB-A spiral cable, 2 pieces (1.5 meters) on Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Of course, it is also possible to buy a USB-C to USB-A adapter. But often the quality of these adapters is questionable and you can usually just as easily buy a cable for the price of an adapter. You are also much less likely to lose that cable.

CarPlay with iPhone 15: also wireless

With an Apple CarPlay dongle you no longer need a cable to use the operating system in your car. Your phone automatically connects to the car radio when you get in. From that moment on you can immediately navigate, make calls and listen to music.

carplay wireless

Most dongles work by plugging the adapter into your car’s USB port. The device then sets up a Bluetooth connection to which you connect your iPhone. Afterwards, your smartphone will always be connected automatically and wirelessly in the future.

  • CarlinKit CarPlay AI Box: for 175.99 euros at Bol.com
  • Buddi Play 2: for 99.95 euros at GSMpunt
  • Car Dongle Pro: for 84.95 euros at Bol.com
  • Ottocast Dongle: for 79.99 euros at Amazon with coupon

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