iPhone 16 gets new Face ID (but with what function?)

Rumors are that the iPhone 16 will get a new version of Face ID this year. Curious about the new design? Here’s what we already know!

Face ID on the iPhone 16

This year, the iPhone 16 is coming out and expectations for the phone are high. Analysts are even expecting the most exciting update for the iPhone in years. This is due to the introduction of Apple Intelligence, but a number of changes in the hardware are also expected in the next iPhone. One of those changes is a renewed version of Face ID in the iPhone 16.

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It was previously announced that Apple had ended its collaboration with Coherent, an English company specializing in biometric techniques. DigiTimes Apple Inc. now confirms that changes are coming to the iPhone 16’s Face ID camera. These changes will reportedly be reflected in the phone’s design, with Apple possibly working on a new sensor that will disappear under the iPhone’s display.

iPhone 16 Pro Face ID camera

Better sensors for Face ID

It is still unclear what changes Apple is implementing exactly with the Face ID sensor of the iPhone 16. Device components are being replaced more often, without you as a user noticing anything directly. This has to do with contracts that run with manufacturers or the stock of certain components. In any case, it is expected that Face ID will work better with the updated sensor.

You can probably unlock the iPhone 16 faster thanks to the renewed version of Face ID. Earlier rumors were that the Face ID sensor would disappear completely under the screen in the next iPhone. It was expected that the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) would only have a small notch for the front camera. According to the usually reliable Apple expert Ross Young, an expert in the field of displays, these plans have been postponed until 2025.

iphone 16 pro face id under screen

Release of the iPhone 16

Due to technical issues with the Face ID sensor, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will probably get the Dynamic Island again. Only with the iPhone 17 Pro (Max) the feature disappears and we see only a small notch in the screen. The new sensor for Face ID is also said to be coming to the ‘normal’ iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, which will improve facial recognition on all devices this year.

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We still have to wait a little longer for the iPhone 16, because Apple will not present the new phone until September. Rumors already tell us that the smartphone will be released in four different sizes this year, because the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have larger screens. Do you want to know more about the next iPhone now? Then read all about the iPhone 16 here and view all rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) here!

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