‘iPhone 16 Pro gets WiFi 7 and 48 MP ultra-wide-angle camera’

The iPhone 16 Pro will probably get extremely fast WiFi and an ultra-wide-angle lens with a camera of no less than 48 megapixels. This is what we know so far.

New rumors about the iPhone 16 Pro

A lot is already clear about the new functions of the iPhone 15, so we can slowly start looking at the iPhone 16. The new phone will not appear until 2024, but the first rumors about the iPhone 16 have already surfaced. For example, the camera of the iPhone 16 Pro is getting a lot better, because the phone gets a new lens that allows you to zoom in even further than with the iPhone 15.

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Even more is now known about the camera of the iPhone 16 Pro. The phone is reportedly getting an ultra-wide-angle lens that is a lot better than we will see with the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro. In addition, the phone gets the advanced WiFi 7, but what exactly is that? We tell you everything about the new camera and what you will notice about the faster WiFi.

iPhone concept camera

iPhone 16 Pro gets new 48-megapixel camera

Apple gave the camera of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) a major update, as the standard wide-angle lens became a 48-megapixel camera. Previously this was only 12 MP, so the new camera is much better. This 48-megapixel camera is also reportedly coming to the regular iPhone 15 (Plus) this year. The new iPhones then all have one 48 MP camera and two 12 MP cameras.

This will change with the iPhone 16 Pro, because the ultra-wide-angle lens will then also become a 48-megapixel camera. This lens then has the same number of megapixels as the standard wide-angle lens on the iPhone 16 Pro. So you can take much sharper photos, especially in combination with the new lens of the iPhone 16. This is much more light-sensitive, so you can also shoot beautiful pictures in low light.

Much faster internet with the iPhone 16

Internet is also a lot smoother with the iPhone 16 Pro, because the phone has support for WiFi 7. This will be the new WiFi standard in the future and mainly ensures much faster internet. For example, WiFi 7 is four times as fast as WiFi 6(E) and six times as fast as WiFi 5. In addition, WiFi 7 makes it possible to transfer data via multiple frequencies at the same time.

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The new standard switches between 5 GHz and 6 GHz, depending on which frequency has the fastest speed. The advantage of this is that you can connect more devices to your wireless network without the internet speed deteriorating. With the iPhone 16 Pro, you will soon be much less likely to suffer from slow internet, provided you are connected to WiFi and the router also supports WiFi 7.


iPhone 16 will not appear until 2024

It will be a while before we can expect the iPhone 16 Pro (Max), the phone will not appear until 2024. A lot can of course change by that time, which means that the camera of the iPhone 16 Pro will soon become even more advanced. than we suspect so far. That remains to be seen, of course, but it is certain that the camera of the iPhone will improve greatly.

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