‘iPhone 16 will take over this function from the iPhone 15 this year’

The iPhone 16 will have all kinds of new features, but there is also something that will probably be carried over from the iPhone 15. You need to know this.

The iPhone 16 takes over this function from the iPhone 15

The iPhone 16 will be released in September and will include an improved camera sensor and new buttons that work with Haptic Touch. Not everything is new, because the next iPhone also takes something from the iPhone 15.

According to a new rumor on Weibo Apple will use the same colored glass for the back of the iPhone 16 as for the standard iPhone 15 models. Last year, Apple introduced a modified production process for the glass on the back of the regular iPhone 15 models. This gives the rear glass layer a matte effect that contrasts with the main color of the frame. Apple itself describes the effect as follows:

‘For the first time in a smartphone, color is infused throughout the back glass, creating five beautiful colours. The back glass is strengthened with an optimized dual-ion exchange process before being polished with nanocrystalline particles and etched to create a luxurious, textured matte finish.’

In a nutshell: ‘This is the first time that five colors have been incorporated into the rear glass layer in a smartphone. The back glass layer is strengthened through an optimized process before being polished with nanocrystals and etched for a luxurious matte finish.”

iphone 16 camera island

Seven colors instead of five

The new rumor comes from Weibo user ‘Fixed focus digital‘, who claims to have seen the color scheme of the iPhone 16. He says Apple is using the same process for the glass on the back of the new models. This time seven colors would be used instead of five.

Late last month one suggested another rumor on Weibo already stated that Apple would expand the aforementioned production process to the back of the iPhone 16 Pro. It is expected to have the same titanium frame as the iPhone 15 Pro.

However, the source of the new rumor does not mention the iPhone 16 Pro models. Both sources are not yet known to be reliable when it comes to Apple rumors. So it remains to be seen whether these rumors are true.

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