iPhone empty too quickly? Then disable these features (iPhone News #6)

These functions cause your iPhone to run out of power too quickly and it is better not to order anything from Temu. This and more was this week’s top Apple and iPhone news!

Buying from Temu: you better not do that (here’s why)

Buy Temu

On Temu you can buy a lot of nice things for incredibly low prices. Sometimes you even get everything for free. This all sounds very nice, but it is still better not to shop at Temu. There are a number of reasons for this.

Avoid Temu? Why?

These 4 functions drain your iPhone’s battery faster

old iPhones slower

Sometimes your iPhone’s battery suddenly runs out a lot faster than normal. That is quite annoying, but it may be due to a specific function of the iPhone. We tell you exactly which functions drain your battery faster!

Turn these features off!

There will be an iPhone Fold (and it will replace this Apple product)

Galaxy Z Flip 5

Apple is working on a foldable iPhone, of which new evidence has now emerged. As soon as you open the iPhone Fold, the device turns into an iPad. Unfortunately, the iPhone Fold will likely mean the end of another Apple product.

This Apple device disappears

Apple is testing iOS 17.3.1: this is when the update will appear on your iPhone

iOS 17.3

Apple is working on iOS 17.3.1, bringing important changes to your iPhone. We don’t have to wait long, because Apple will soon release the update. This is when you can update!

Release of iOS 17.3.1

Paying with iDEAL will soon become even easier (here’s why)


In the Netherlands, paying with iDEAL is often one of the easiest ways to buy things online. But it can be even easier, because the payment service will soon add a new function. This also makes paying with iDEAL faster!

New feature for iDeal?

iOS 17 is less popular than iOS 16 – this may be due to this

iOS 17 less popular

Apple has released figures on the number of iOS 17 installations and it appears that iOS 17 is less popular than iOS 16. This is probably due to several reasons. iPhoned makes a guess as to what that is.

iOS 17 less popular than iOS 16

iPadOS 17.4: these changes are coming to your iPad (and this one isn’t)

iPadOS 17

Apple has announced that big changes are coming to the iPhone. In some cases, these functions only come to your iPhone, because Apple does not implement all changes on the iPad with iPadOS 17.4.

What features are coming to the iPad?

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