iPhone SE 2022 vs Google Pixel 6a: the main differences

Google recently announced a new budget smartphone: the Pixel 6a. What are the biggest differences with the iPhone SE 2022, Apple’s budget device? We tell you!

The biggest differences between the iPhone SE 2022 and the Pixel 6a

The brand new Google Pixel 6a and the Apple iPhone SE 2022 are outright competitors. The devices are very similar in many ways. They both run on the fastest processors of both manufacturers. The iPhone SE has Apple’s A15 chip and the Pixel 6a has the acclaimed Google Tensor. However, there are also some significant differences. We will go through these with you in this article.

1. Design and screen

The iPhone SE 2022 looks very different from the Pixel 6a. Apple has opted for a pretty old-fashioned design. The SE looks exactly the same as the iPhone 8 from 2017. Although you do not have a flashy smartphone in your hands, it is very solid. The device has scratch- and drop-resistant glass on the front and back. The sides of the iPhone SE are made of aluminum.

The Google Pixel 6a also has aluminum sides, but the back is made of plastic. This means you don’t have to worry about cracks after a fall, but the device feels a lot cheaper than the iPhone SE. However, most people hide their smartphones in silicone cases, so the back is not that important anymore.

iPhone SE

The screen of the Pixel 6a is also a bit larger than the iPhone SE. The Pixel 6a has a 6.1-inch screen, while the SE has a compact 4.7-inch screen. The devices do not differ much in size, partly because the iPhone still has thick screen edges and a home button. The Pixel 6a has a more modern design with thin bezels and a hole punchselfie camera.

Speaking of the screens, both the iPhone SE 2022 and the Pixel 6a have a 60Hz screen. As a result, animations look less fluid than we are used to from other modern devices. We are very sorry about that.

2. Software

Perhaps the most important difference between the Pixel 6a and the iPhone SE 2022 is the software. The iPhone runs on Apple’s iOS 15 and the Pixel 6a on Google’s Android 13. Both operating systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is mainly a matter of taste and habituation.

Android 12 introduced a completely new design (Material You) and useful privacy functions. Android 13 builds on this and mainly implements small improvements. This gives you even more options to adjust the appearance of Android and there are standard color themes, with which you can change the look of your device at once. look of the software.

Pixel 6a

iOS 15 is known for its ‘closed’ design – there are few ways to make the software your own. In our view, that’s not a disaster, because iOS 15 works without hitches and contains hardly any bugs. Do you have other Apple products at home, such as an iPad or a Mac? Then iOS 15 works like a charm.

3 Cameras

Many people consider the cameras the most important part of a new smartphone. The iPhone SE 2022 takes beautiful photos and videos with its single lens. These photos are similar to the photos the iPhone 13 takes. That means that the dynamic range, contrast and colors are perfectly fine. Because the device has a single lens, you can unfortunately not play with multiple focal lengths. This is possible with the Pixel 6a.

iPhone 8

The Google device has both a regular camera and an ultra-wide angle lens. This captures a much wider angle than with the iPhone SE’s camera. We expect the photo quality of both smartphone cameras to be about the same. However, we can’t say for sure until we actually get our hands on the Pixel 6a.

More about the iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone SE 2022 has been available for a few months now. The device was well received, but also received quite a bit of criticism because of its outdated design and disappointing battery life. For 529 euros you have a great device with 64GB storage that can last a long time. The version with 128GB costs a little more, namely 579 euros† The iPhone SE 2022 is therefore more expensive than the Pixel 6a, which 459 euros costs. Important: the Pixel 6a is not officially coming to the Netherlands, and can only be obtained via gray import.

Do you want to know what we thought of the iPhone SE 2022? Check out our video review of the device below.

Also check our price comparisons for the iPhone SE 2022 with subscription and an iPhone SE 2022 separate device. Nice and easy, because you immediately have all providers together.

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