‘iPhone SE 4 gets Dynamic Island’ – we already know this

The next iPhone SE will reportedly have a Dynamic Island, making the phone look very similar to the iPhone 14 Pro. We already know this!

Dynamic Island comes to iPhone SE 4

It has been a while since Apple released the cheap version of the iPhone, because the last iPhone SE was released in 2022. The phone now has an outdated design, which is strongly reminiscent of the iPhone 8. The phone still has a home button. with Touch ID. According to new rumors, this will change with the next iPhone SE, because the phone will finally get Face ID and the Dynamic Island.

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It was already clear that Apple will finally say goodbye to the home button with the next iPhone SE. Instead, the phone is equipped with Face ID. It now appears that the Face ID sensor will not be concealed in the notch, but that the iPhone SE 4 will also have a Dyanmic Island. So not only the home button, but also the notch will disappear permanently on the iPhone SE. This is what the new phone will look like according to rumors:

iPhone SE gets many more features

The Dynamic Island also has several functions on the iPhone SE 4. For example, you can see the timer running in the background or the music you are currently listening to. Apple introduced the Dynamic Island with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) and then brought the feature to the entire iPhone 15 series. The function has remained unchanged, so the Dynamic Island probably works the same on the iPhone SE.

Thanks to the Dynamic Island, the iPhone SE 4 looks very similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, but with a slightly modified design. The iPhone SE 4 is rumored to have the same housing as the 6.1-inch iPhone 14, but with one camera instead of two. That camera is probably a lot better with no less than 48 megapixels. With the current iPhone SE this is only 12 MP.

The iPhone SE 4 may even get a feature that the iPhone 14 Pro does not have at all, because the action button is also reportedly coming to the new phone. Apple only introduced the action button with the iPhone 15 Pro (Max). According to rumors, this button will come to all iPhone 16 models and to the iPhone SE 4. With the Dynamic Island and the action button, the iPhone SE 4 looks even more like the iPhone 15.

dynamic island

Release of iPhone SE 4 still unclear

The iPhone SE 4 will therefore have a considerably modified design with the Dynamic Island and Face ID. It remains to be seen exactly when the next cheap iPhone will be released, but in any case it is not expected that the phone will be released this year. According to rumors, we can probably only expect the iPhone SE 4 next year, Apple will first launch the iPhone 16.

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According to the usually reliable Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple therefore plans to release the iPhone SE 4 at the end of this year or not until 2025. Of course, a lot can change by then, so the iPhone SE 4 may get even more new features in addition to the Dynamic Island. Would you like to know more about the next cheap iPhone? Then read everything about the iPhone SE 4 here!

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