iPhone tips: 6 tricks that make you faster and more efficient

If you are unsure whether you can perform certain actions on your iPhone efficiently, there is probably a trick hidden in iOS. In this week’s iPhone tips we introduce you to six!

6 tricks that make you faster and more efficient

No matter how fast your iPhone is, if you don’t work efficiently yourself, you are still slow. iOS can help you get faster, but you have to know the right tricks. We’ve picked six of these iPhone tips that you can try right away!

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1. Switch between letters and numbers faster

While typing, you have to switch keyboards quite often because you need a number or symbol. You do this by tapping the ‘123’ key, typing the number and tapping the ‘123 key again. Once you get the hang of it, it goes pretty quickly. But in our iPhone tips you can read how it can be done even faster!

Instead of tapping the ‘123’ key, press it and swipe your finger to the desired number. Then release your finger. This way you type the number and automatically switch back to alphabetical format. All this with one action, instead of three separate taps.

iPhone tips: 6 tricks that make you faster and more efficient

2. Adjust volume

You adjust the volume with the volume buttons. You wouldn’t think it could be faster. Yet that is not entirely correct. Especially when you are looking for a specific sound level, this often results in pressing up and down several times. But we also have an easier and faster way to do that in our iPhone tips!

Press a volume button once and then operate the on-screen volume bar with your finger. The big advantage of this is that you have much more detailed control over the volume this way. It is similar to long pressing the volume bar in the Control Center.

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3. Turn off ‘Ratings & Reviews’

Number 3 of this week’s iPhone tips is about annoying pop-ups. There are quite a few apps that ask you at all times to post a review or rating in the App Store. If that’s what you plan to do, you’ll do it at some point. Having to type away the requests only costs time.

Therefore, simply disable the option in the settings of your iPhone. It goes like this:

  • Open the Settings app;
  • Scroll down a bit and tap ‘App Store’;
  • Scroll all the way down;
  • Disable the ‘Ratings and Reviews’ option.

4. Set a timer faster

Our iPhone tips this week also include a way to set a timer more quickly. This can be done faster than via the Clock app. Open Control Center by swiping down from the top right of the screen. Then long press the Timer icon. Now swipe up or down on the slider bar to set the time you want and tap ‘Start’.

Each interval in the slider increases or decreases the time in the following steps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and 45 minutes, and 1 or 2 hours. If you need a longer or more specific duration, it’s best to ask Siri to set the timer.

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5. Scroll all the way to the top with one tap

Number 5 of our iPhone tips is an old but golden tip that you may have forgotten. If you’re browsing the web in Safari or scrolling through a long app menu, you don’t have to scroll all the way back. Just tap the status bar at the top of your iPhone’s screen to go all the way back to the top in one go.

If you have an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 15 and the Dynamic Island is not in use, you can perform the same action by tapping it.

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6. Double tap for caps lock

We end this week’s iPhone tips with another golden oldie! Everyone knows that you can type a capital letter with a tap on the shift button. But there is no caps lock button. That is, not visible. You can activate caps lock very easily by tapping the shift button twice. Tap the shift button once if you want to disable caps lock again. Saves a lot of hassle if you want to type an angry message in capitals again!

twice shift

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