iPhone tips: how to get more out of Apple’s Weather app

With the Weather app on your iPhone you can do much more than just check whether it will rain. In these iPhone tips you can read what else the app has in store!

iPhone tips: Do more with the Weather app

Rain or shine, Apple’s Weather app tells you what the weather is like outside. With this week’s iPhone tips you will use the app faster, more efficiently and get even more useful information from it!

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1. Always the right prospects immediately

We’ll start these iPhone tips with one of the most important settings for the Weather app. Of course, you always want to be able to request the most recent weather forecast. This only works if the app is regularly updated, even if you are not using it. You set this as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app;

  2. Tap ‘Privacy & Security’ then ‘Location Services’;

  3. Make sure ‘Location Services’ is set to ‘On’;

  4. Scroll down and tap ‘Weather’;

  5. Place a check mark next to ‘Always’.

Keep in mind that this costs slightly more energy and data than if you choose one of the other settings. But you can now be sure that the information you see is always up to date!

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2. Maps showing Precipitation, Temperature, Air Quality or Wind

In the second of these iPhone tips, we’ll show you how to view animated maps. You can choose from Precipitation, Temperature, Air Quality and Wind. Of course you can easily switch between the different maps, zoom in and out, and they can be frozen at any time.

To view these maps, open the Weather app. Then tap the cards icon at the bottom left. By default, you now see the Precipitation map, which shows how precipitation will spread across the country over the next twelve hours. If you want a different card, tap the layers icon at the top right and make your choice.

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3. Set extreme weather notifications

It doesn’t happen very often in the Netherlands, but it’s always nice to know so quickly when extreme weather is expected. Fortunately, the Weather app can always keep you informed. You can do this for your current location, but also for other locations that you have set. You set it up like this:

  • Open the Weather app;
  • Tap the menu icon at the bottom right;
  • Tap the three dots at the top right and then tap ‘Notifications’;
  • Enable the ‘Extreme weather’ option.

If you have set other locations, you will see them below. If desired, you can also enable the ‘Extreme weather’ option there. If you want to add or remove a location, go to step 3 above, but now choose ‘Edit list’.

extreme weather report

4. Put a Weather widget on your Lock screen

The fourth of these iPhone tips is especially useful if you have also carried out the first tip. If the Weather app is always up to date, it is also practical if you can see all the weather information at a glance. The best way to arrange that is with a widget. Adding a Weather widget is very simple and is done as follows:

  • Long press the Lock screen;
  • Tap ‘Customise’, then tap the screen above ‘Access Screen’;
  • Tap the bottom widget that is now visible;
  • Scroll down and tap ‘Weather’;
  • Swipe left to view the widgets and make a selection;
  • Finally, tap ‘Done’ at the top right.

Depending on the size of the widgets you choose, you can even place three or four next to each other. Try different combinations until you are satisfied.

widget weather app

5. View detailed information about the moon

In the Weather app you will not only find information about the sun, it also tells you what time the moon rises and sets, when you can expect the next full moon and even what the distance to the moon currently is.

To view all this moon information, open the Weather app, scroll down and tap the moon. First you will see a percentage behind ‘Lighting’. This percentage indicates what percentage of the moon’s surface that faces Earth is illuminated by the sun. Another nice detail: if you swipe your finger over the timeline, you will see the moon change as an animation.

weather app moon

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