iPhone Tips: Maximize Your iPhone Battery Life

Get the maximum life out of your iPhone’s battery. In this week’s iPhone tips you can read how to best do this!

Maximize your iPhone battery life

Your iPhone is a valuable asset and maximizing battery life will extend the life of your device. In this week’s iPhone tips we show you how to make your iPhone battery last longer.

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1. Optimize battery settings

There are several settings on your iPhone that you can set to extend battery life. The following iPhone tips are the most important:

Enable automatic brightness adjustment.

By automatically adjusting the brightness of your screen to the ambient light, you can save energy and extend the life of your battery. To enable it:

  • Open the Settings app and tap ‘Accessibility’;
  • Tap ‘Display and text size’;
  • Enable the ‘Adjust automatically’ option.
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Enable Optimized Charging or the 80% limit

If you have an iPhone from the 15 series, you have the option to enable the 80% limit. Your iPhone will then not charge beyond 80 percent, which extends the battery life. If you have an older iPhone, enable the Optimized Charging option for the same reason. Setup is done in the same way:

  • Open the Settings app and tap ‘Battery’;
  • Tap ‘Charging Optimization’;
  • Choose ‘80% limit’ or ‘Optimized charging’.
80% battery limit

Turn off Location Services for unused apps

Some apps continue to track your location in the background and that can shorten battery life. Therefore, turn off Location Services for the apps you do not use. You do this as follows:

  • Open the ‘Settings’ app;
  • Tap ‘Privacy & security’;
  • Tap ‘Location Services’;
  • Set apps you don’t use to ‘Never’.
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In addition, you can disable the feature that causes apps to update in the background. This is how you do it:

  • Open the Settings app and tap ‘General’;
  • Tap ‘Background Refresh’;
  • Tap ‘Background Refresh’ again and choose ‘Off’.
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2. Charge your iPhone properly

Charging incorrectly has a negative effect on the life of your iPhone battery. Therefore, try to charge your iPhone correctly as much as possible. Keep an eye on the following iPhone tips:

Charge regularly but not too often

By regularly charging your iPhone, you prevent deep discharges that can damage the battery. However, charging too often and for too long can also shorten the battery life. Therefore, try to keep your iPhone’s battery between 20 and 80 percent as much as possible.

Use the correct charger

Always use Apple’s original charger or an Apple-certified charger to ensure your battery is charged safely. For most modern iPhones, a 30-watt charger is ideal. We recommend this charger (30 W) at Coolblue for 31.99 euros. It is also better not to use a wireless charger.

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Charge at room temperature

Extreme temperatures can be harmful to the battery. Therefore, try to charge your iPhone at room temperature for optimal performance. For most people, this will usually happen automatically, so it’s probably the most obvious of these iPhone tips. Still, it’s good to know so you can take it into account if it ever becomes necessary.

3. Frequently asked questions

We conclude this week’s iPhone tips with answers to some common iPhone battery questions.

How often should I charge my iPhone?

It is recommended to charge your iPhone regularly and not let it drain completely. But avoid overcharging to preserve battery life.

Is it bad to charge my iPhone overnight?

No, it’s not bad to charge your iPhone overnight, but make sure you use a good charger and avoid overcharging.

Which apps consume the most battery?

Apps that require location services and constant background activity, such as navigation apps and social media, often consume a lot of battery.

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What should I do if my iPhone battery drains quickly?

First, make sure no apps are running in the background and consider adjusting your iPhone’s settings to save power.

Does it help to completely drain the battery before charging my iPhone?

No, it is not necessary to completely drain the battery before charging your iPhone. In fact, this can actually shorten battery life.

How long does an iPhone battery last before it needs to be replaced?

An iPhone battery life varies depending on use, but on average it lasts about three to four years before needing to be replaced.

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