iPhone tips: these tricks will help you get a lot more out of your Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch you can do much more than just tell the time and receive messages. In this week’s iPhone tips we show you how to get more out of your Apple Watch!

Get more out of your Apple Watch with these iPhone tips

These iPhone tips for your Apple Watch are useful for anyone who likes to be very punctual, uses the Apple Watch as an alarm clock and loses their iPhone a little too often. Try them out right away!

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1. Put your Apple Watch on for a few minutes

We’ll start these iPhone tips with a useful feature for anyone who likes to be punctual for appointments and meetings. You only change the time you see on your Apple Watch. The adjustment will not affect your alarm clocks, notifications, or world clocks. The time on your iPhone also does not change.

You use the function by going to Settings on your Apple Watch. Tap ‘Clock’ there and indicate how many minutes you want to advance the clock on your watch face. This works very simply via the digital crown. The maximum you can set is 59 minutes.

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2. Use your Apple Watch as a remote control

In number two of these iPhone tips, by remote control we don’t mean that you can zap on your TV with it. We mean that you can control your iPhone’s camera with it. You’ll even see a preview on your Apple Watch of the photo you’re about to take. Handy for selfies and group photos, for example!

All you have to do to use this handy feature is open the Camera app on your Apple Watch. The camera on your iPhone will then start automatically. On your Apple Watch you can still switch cameras, adjust the timer, turn the flash on or off and turn Live Photo on or off.

remote control iPhone camera

3. Disable the snooze function

In principle, it is very convenient that you can use your Apple Watch as an alarm clock and that you can also tap ‘Snooze’ on your watch when the alarm goes off. But for some people a snooze function is too useful. That’s why in number three of these iPhone tips we’ll show you how to turn off the snooze function.

You can switch off both in the alarm clock on your Apple Watch and in the alarm clock on your iPhone. On your Apple Watch, tap Alarms, then tap the plus sign to set a new alarm. Enter the desired time and tap the check mark at the bottom right. Now tap the alarm you just set and turn off the switch behind ‘Snooze’. On your iPhone you will immediately see the ‘Snooze’ option when you enter the desired time in the alarm clock.

alarm clock snooze

4. Customize default replies in Messages

Number four of this week’s iPhone tips is about Messages. Typing text in the Messages app is possible from the Apple Watch Series 7, but only if you set the language to English. In any other case, you only have the option to send some canned responses (OK, Yes, No, Thanks, Can I call you later?). You can easily adjust those standard messages.

To do this, go to the Watch app on your iPhone and tap ‘My Watch’ in the bottom left. Now tap ‘Messages’ and then ‘Canned Replies’. Adjust the answers and/or add new default answers. When you’re done, tap Edit in the top right.

canned answers apple watch

5. Use the Walkie-Talkie function

Number five of these iPhone tips is useful if you are in a busy place together with someone who also has an Apple Watch. Once set up, the Walkie-Talkie function does exactly what the name suggests: you press a button and you can talk as long as you hold the button down. The same applies to the other.

On your Apple Watch, go to Walkie-Talkie and turn the feature on. Tap the plus sign at the top left to open your contact list and tap the contact you want. Your contact must first accept your invitation and then you can talk back and forth. About!

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6. Put a call on hold until you find your iPhone

This is a trick that you can use when you receive a call, but do not have your iPhone at hand. In principle, you can answer such a call with your Apple Watch. That may look futuristic, but it is not always practical. Fortunately, there is another option.

It is possible to put the call on hold, so that you can first search for your iPhone at your leisure. To do this, tap the three dots on your Apple Watch and then choose ‘Record with iPhone’. On the other end, the person calling will hear a repeating sound until you answer the call with your iPhone.

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7. Find your iPhone with your Apple Watch

Have you put your iPhone somewhere where you can’t find it again? Don’t worry, you’ll find it again in no time with your Apple Watch! Just go to Find Devices on your Apple Watch and tap your iPhone entry. A map will then appear showing the location of your iPhone. Additionally, you have the option to have your iPhone play a sound. This way you can find it again in no time!

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