Is Google Wallet making a comeback? That’s how it might work

Is Google Wallet making a comeback?  That's how it might work

Google plans to bring back the Wallet service. It was replaced by Google Play four years ago, but now it’s coming back as a hub for all your digital cards, including tickets and debit cards. This was discovered about Google Wallet.

Google Wallet

Google wants to revive Wallet as part of Google Play Services, says Mishaal Rahman in a tweet† Google Pay will continue to serve as a contactless payment app, but Wallet will become a part of Android that will manage all types of digital cards. Think of: debit cards, all types of digital tickets, gift cards, loyalty cards and public transport tickets. At this point, you can already add some of these digital cards in Google Pay.

Google introduced its Wallet service 11 years ago. The app worked with debit and credit cards for online payments and later Android Pay was also added as a functionality for contactless payments. Google Wallet and Android Pay were then moved to the new Google Pay app in 2018.

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Strong move or more confusion?

It looks like the new Google Wallet won’t be a separate app, but rather a feature that’s part of every Android phone. If Wallet and Pay are separate services, Google may want to make a clearer distinction between digital cards and a payment solution. Although you can of course also ask whether new changes with Google Pay and Wallet do not cause more confusion among users. Much may depend on how Wallet is reimagined.

Google is often criticized for regularly stripping services and product names, but it is striking that the company is bringing back an old service this time. More information about Wallet is not yet known. What do you think of a possible return of Wallet? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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