‘It will take another 4 generations before the Vision Pro is really good’

The Apple Vision Pro is great, but it will take a number of generations before the glasses are really good in the future. This is why.

‘It will take another 4 generations before the Vision Pro is really good’

It still seems a bit early to talk about the future of the Apple Vision Pro, because Apple’s VR/AR glasses are currently only for sale in America. But according to usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman, it will take another four generations before Apple’s glasses are really good.

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It is not surprising that Gurman says four generations. With the iPhone, it was also the iPhone 4(S) that set the tone for future versions. It also took until the iPhone 4(S) to add functions that are now an indispensable part of the iPhone. Consider multitasking or the retina screen.

In his most recent newsletter, Gurman says that some members of the Vision Pro team feel there is still a lot of work to be done. At least until the Vision Pro is really suitable for daily use.

It is not yet known what direction the Apple Vision Pro team wants to take in the future regarding the appearance of the glasses. But by looking at the problems faced by the first owners of the Apple Vision Pro, we can make a decent estimate.

Many early adopters find the Apple Vision Pro too heavy, especially during extended use. In addition, the short battery life is also seen as a disadvantage. Furthermore, there are not enough real Apple Vision Pro apps and there are quite a few bugs in the VisionOS operating system.

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Apple Vision Pro future

If Apple can solve these problems with the Vision Pro in the future, it could become the replacement for the iPad. Gurman also says that the Apple Vision Pro is currently nothing more than a prototype that you paid Apple to test out.

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