Jaguar Hybrid: a Stylish Swiss with smart functions

The Swiss watch brand Jaguar introduces a stylish new Hybrid watch this season. It is an analog watch with connected functions that make it an intelligent watch. Ideal for staying connected to your surroundings in the familiar Jaguar style.

Smartwatch or Hybrid?

Although some would prefer to see it differently, smart technology can no longer be ignored in our lives. Being reachable, navigating, help with sports. We really can’t do without it anymore. That is why many people today opt for a smartwatch. All smart functions conveniently on your wrist.

But what if you don’t want to be glued to a screen all day? Or if you still want to use the smart technology that a smartwatch has to offer, but still want to look stylish? A hybrid watch is then the smart choice. All the advantages and the appearance of a ‘regular’ watch, where the smart functions are available at the touch of a button via a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone.

Photo Jaguar Hybrid watch
▴ Jaguar Hybrid watch with Pepsi bezel

Photo Detail Jaguar Hybrid watch
▴ Detail Jaguar Hybrid

Jaguar Hybrid: “A smarter watch, not a smart watch”

Above we deliberately put ‘ordinary’ watch in quotes, because there is nothing ordinary about the new Jaguar Hybrid watches. Of course, they just look like you’re used to from a Jaguar diver, so stylish, sporty and robust.

Also standard for Jaguar: High-quality materials, sapphire glass, 20 ATM waterproof – suitable for swimming in the sea. But with hidden smart functions, and powered by a movement specially developed in-house.

The Jaguar Hybrid is available in different color versions; Steel and bicolor with a blue or black dial and with a Pepsi bezel.

Smart functions at the touch of a button

With the Jaguar Hybrid app on your smartphone, you can set the watch to your own preferences. Assign functions to buttons, filter from whom you want to receive notifications, determine which time zones you want to see at a glance and set your alarm.

And even more is possible: play music, take photos remotely, count steps. A unique feature will soon be available that will help you get home safely. In the video you can briefly see what the Jaguar Hybrid has to offer.

Photo man with phone and Jaguar hybrid watch
▴ Pair your hybrid watch with your smartphone

Jaguar watches at Techzle

In addition to the brand new Jaguar Hybrid, Techzle has a wide collection of ‘ordinary’ Jaguar watches. From classic diving watches to stylish dress watches and special limited editions. Definitely worth checking out! In addition, we expect even more innovations in smartwatches from Jaguar soon. Could it be that they will come onto the market with a unique smartwatch design? Keep an eye on this blog for the latest news!

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